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Green Marketing of Catering Enterprises

"Green marketing is a management process that can identify, anticipate and meet the social needs of consumers, and can bring profits and sustainable operations." This is Professor Ken Beatty of the University of Wales in his book " The concept put forward in the book "Green Marketing - Turning Crisis into a Superior Business Trend" is that in marketing activities, enterprises should comply with the requirements of the sustainable development strategy of the times, pay attention to the protection of the earth's ecological environment, and promote the coordinated development of the economy and the ecological environment. , in order to achieve the coordination and unity of corporate interests, consumer interests, social interests and ecological environment interests.
Diet is an inseparable part of our lives, and the food delivery industry is booming now, which will inevitably generate a lot of garbage, such as lunch boxes, chopsticks, and packaging bags. On the one hand, these will cause damage to the existing ecological environment. Destruction, and some of the non-degradable garbage will have a long-term negative impact on the future ecology.Therefore, it is very necessary to implement green marketing in the catering industry.
XNUMX. Establish the concept of green marketing
Some restaurants only pay attention to the immediate benefits and work hard on the cost, and buy some inferior disposable wooden chopsticks, lunch boxes, and plastic bags.These things, customers throw away after one use.On the surface, it is convenient for customers to eat and saves manpower in the store, but from the perspective of long-term green marketing, it is very undesirable.It is necessary to establish the concept of green marketing, otherwise, even if one wants to use disposable wooden chopsticks in the future, there will be no trees for people to cut down.
XNUMX. Design green products
Just imagine, if the customer eats the food on the plate, bowl, or chopsticks and spoons together, wouldn't it be environmentally friendly and save trouble?It sounds like a fantasy, but if the tableware is designed to be edible, there is nothing impossible.
XNUMX. Setting the price of green products
For example, Starbucks, which we often drink, has launched such an activity: you can enjoy discounts when you buy coffee with a Starbucks cup.Although it is very similar to advertising cups, through such behavior, the use of cups and straws can be reduced, and it is also contributing to the environmental protection of the earth.
XNUMX. Channel strategy of green marketing
The channel is the channel that transfers from the producer to the consumer, shortening the channel, reducing the resource consumption of the channel, and reducing the cost of the channel are all channel strategies from the perspective of green marketing.
XNUMX. Do a good job in green marketing promotions
Green promotion is to convey green information and advocate green consumption. In the catering industry, there is a saying of "disc action", or packing the unfinished food, which is advocating customers not to waste money.

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