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Let "fragmented" Internet marketing be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

The biggest characteristic of Internet marketing: fragmentation.This feature allows Internet marketing to be "pervasive", but it is also because of this feature that it is difficult for people to have a deep memory of marketing content.So if it's just a glimpse of the ad, how can it lead to conversion?There are a few key points in Internet marketing that must be remembered!
XNUMX. Time limit issue
Any kind of marketing model has the problem of timeliness, one is immediate and the other is lagging.
Immediate is the promotion of conversion immediately after marketing. This kind of promotion, which is more common in stores, gives people a feeling that "there is no store after this village".The lag is after the marketing, instead of converting immediately, it is remembered and then purchased when needed.
The key to Internet marketing is to increase the instant conversion rate, so that consumers can make purchases immediately after seeing the advertisement or information.For example, advertisements that appear on Douyin, Moments, etc. are sometimes swiped away, and it is difficult to see them again. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to remember to wait until later to buy.
And how to improve this instant conversion rate, we must pay attention to the platform where the advertisement is placed, analyze their needs and hobbies for the users of the platform, and launch products that can meet their needs or hobbies. This is better than randomly choosing a platform for advertising, and the conversion effect is better. much more.
Internet marketing can also use the store promotion model to create a feeling of "the last day" and "only one piece left" to consumers, thereby promoting conversion.
The problem of frequency
The above is mainly for the strategies used in Internet marketing for small and low-priced products, but for large-scale and high-priced products, few people buy them because their heads are hot. At this time, we must pay attention to the frequency problem. .
The same fragmented content, which only appears once, is difficult for people to remember, but appears multiple times, the effect is different. Repeated content can make consumers’ impression of the product deepen with the number of times, and those who are more likely to buy Consumers of this product, every time the advertisement of this product appears, it will deepen the consumer's desire to buy this product, which will lead to conversion.
Of course, unique product design, simple but profound logos, and easy-to-read advertising slogans are also ways to add buffs to Internet marketing, but this belongs to the category of brand promotion, so I won't talk about it in this article.

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