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"Marketing" can be said to appear in our life and work all the time, and we are also in contact with it in all aspects, but what exactly is marketing?
Is to in-depth understanding of customer needs?
Is it to spread and sell your own products and services?
Is the selling point of the integrated product to pass the information to the consumer?
Is it to help customers find a right consumption point?
Or to advertise?do activities?Discount?Promotion? ...
In fact, these are all part of marketing, but each one seems to be insufficient.The essence of marketing, in simple terms, is actually two points: attracting customers and retaining customers.
You can look at the above questions, you can find that they are all about how to attract customers, whether it is to deeply understand the needs of customers, integrate product selling points to transmit information, and find a right consumption point. Connecting with the needs of customers, it is easy to generate purchases, and it is also possible to spread and sell their own products and services, and advertising, activities, discounts, and promotions are also methods and methods to attract customers. .
So how do you keep customers?None of the above questions have an answer.
Quality of products and services:
High-quality products and services will make customers feel good about you.And only rely on high-quality products and services to help you retain customers.
Reasonably priced:
Price is one of the most concerned issues for customers, and the price of the product is on the one hand to choose the customer, on the other hand, it also allows the customer to choose you.Excessively high prices will often attract one or two customers who hold "higher price is better", but if other products of the same quality are sold at half or even one-tenth of your price, then In fact, you can only do business with one or two customers once, and then there will be no after.Reasonable prices can make more customers choose you and better retain your customers.
customer satisfaction:
When customers buy, on the one hand, they look at quality and price, and on the other hand, they have an attitude towards "sellers".When you provide products and services, if you provide good service status at the same time
degree, let customers consume in a comfortable environment, then when there is a competitor with the same product, the customer's balance will naturally tilt towards you.
Naturally, we米国生活, but also in the above purpose to serve you, I hope to be able to help you.

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