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What are the methods of word-of-mouth marketing for enterprises?

In the era of the Internet, whether it is competition within the industry or export of foreign trade, we are inseparable from the battlefield of network marketing, whether you participate in network marketing or not, build a website or not, whether you want to operate through word-of-mouth publishing, network marketing The smoke of gunpowder has already begun, and it will never end, and the information age will not end. So, how should we do a good job in corporate Q&A word-of-mouth marketing?
米国生活I think that the work seems simple and there are rules to follow. We follow the principles of 4P marketing theory: Product products, Place marketing location scenarios, Promotion promotions, and Price prices. We need to do this from a large aspect, as well as a small aspect. This article Talking only about the small aspects - the method of writing a press release for business Q&A.

Q&A word-of-mouth related products

Product product: We market for ourselves and customers. First of all, we must have a product. This product should be analyzed by the industry and have a competitive advantage in the segmented field (the details of the competitive analysis are omitted), and then describe the characteristics of the product, so , there should be two points in the question and answer:

  • Product brand - corporate advantage
  • Product Features and Benefits

Employees should deeply study and master the business of their own company, and also conduct in-depth research on the industry and product characteristics of the customer, and be very familiar with the company and the customer's business.
Sales funnel -米国生活- Word-of-mouth marketing

Applicable scenarios for related products

Place scene: If we want to sell our products to customers, then the customer's application requirements are the applicable production places for our products. We need to find these customers and analyze the customers' applications according to their own products.
This allows us to better understand customer needs and provide services and products that meet customer needs. The more we understand the detailed needs of customers, the more differentiated services we can provide, such as,米国生活The number of mobile terminals connected to the 400 phone is more, the signal is more stable, and the service is more guaranteed.
Processing entrance: 400 telephone for processing

product marketing promotion

Promotion Promotion: When we have our own products and find our customer groups, we should spare no effort to sell our products and services to customers in order to solve customer needs and serve customers.Under normal circumstances, better companies will pay attention to their brand image, website image,米国生活The same is true, but at the beginning of website construction and revision, the traffic of the website may not be as high as expected. We need to publish through other network portals to expand the sales funnel as much as possible. For example,Baidu Knows, Tieba, Tianya Forum, Sina Aiwen and other big platforms get their traffic, and at the same time, expose advertisements and brands, and divert customers from these traffic platforms to their own websites to achieve sales.

product price

Price Product price: On the one hand, it must follow the price rules of the market, conform to the product price curve of the market and regional market, and balance with the value of the product. At the same time, it must make differentiated quotations according to its own subdivisions and services. The overall pricing principle It is based on continuous cost reduction until the market is fully competitive, product technology cannot be revolutionized in the current era, and the price is reduced to only maintain a small profit to achieve the final balance.In the sales process, price confirmation is the last step in contract confirmation. It meets the needs of customers and needs to be supported by the customer's budget. If the customer's budget cannot be supported, then the customer will have no chance to obtain the value provided by the service.
Therefore, when writing the word of mouth of the company's Q&A, we should write down the characteristics of our products, the needs of customers and the reasons for purchase, and at the same time, we should not forget to expose our own brands to form accumulation, and standard products and services in the fully competitive market can be directly Write the price in the manuscript, and then you can conduct Q&A word-of-mouth promotion.
Brand Marketing Planning Company- Talking about the method of writing and publishing the company's Q&A word of mouth, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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