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How to operate brand SEO optimization to have more brand value?

brand value

When customers come, let them come and go;

Customers consume, let them love without regrets.

Brand Marketing - BOO - Brand Funnel

The operation of brand SEO optimization is mainly to enhance the brand voice and brand image through search engine optimization, thereby increasing the brand conversion rate.It mainly includes two parts:

Brand Marketing Planning

Brand marketing planning mainly completes brand positioning, brand slogan, brand product image, brand spokesperson, brand business model, etc.

This section mainly analyzes brand positioning. There are two starting points for brand positioning. One is positioning from the market, looking at the price of products and services in the market segment, the number of consumers, and the market competition model; the other is based on the market itself. Start out, analyze your ability to provide products and services, match the consumer groups in the market, analyze the characteristics of these groups, and polish the products and services into a way that suits the final consumer's mentality.

Regarding the brand's business model, I look forward to the birth of a new model and new thinking for C-share listing.

Brand Marketing Execution

The brand marketing execution in the brand SEO optimization service mainly completes the network communication of brand information and the optimization of brand words.Through brand information network communication, the positioning, slogan, image, spokesperson, etc. of the brand are transmitted to the corners of various role audiences in the business model through word-of-mouth, website, news seo, pictures, videos, etc., through the optimization of brand words to form brand words The unified layout of the brand, and the latest optimized information is concentrated in the brand word window to form the protection of the brand and the online communication of the brand to customers.

Marketing attributes that need to be paid attention to in the process of marketing execution, and the application of 4P marketing theory, such as:

The 4Ps are not a one-off relationship in a plane, but a three-dimensional cyclical relationship. For example, in website construction (Promotion), we need to understand the brand's product (Product), deploy specific keywords (Place) and submit it to search Engine, reach the specified customer and define the appropriate price (Price)

Brand SEO optimization operation

Brand SEO optimization is a continuous process. Through the information on the Internet, we can find the shortcomings of the brand at the operational level, and then improve the brand's internal route system, improve the customer service interface, supervise and improve the whole process of customer service, and improve the business model and customers and employees. The degree of integration in business forms a stable business ecology.


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