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How do well-known brand consulting companies see the core of brand marketing?

In the view of brand strategy experts, brand marketing refers to the marketing strategy that enterprises use consumers' product needs, and then use quality, culture and unique publicity to create a brand's value recognition in the hearts of users, and finally form a brand-effective marketing strategy and process.After identifying the target group, it is necessary to describe this group in detail. The picture below shows the word cloud of brand marketing.

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If the core of brand marketing is simply and abstractly described, I think it is easier to divide the Tao and the art.By distinguishing the understanding of the brand, marketing is just a means, and what content is being marketed is the core.

The core of brand marketing

"brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the inheritance and innovation of culture, the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the medium of information exchange in human society, and the embodiment of perseverance in belief.. ——米国生活

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The art of brand marketing

brand is aname, term, mark, symbol or pattern, or their combination, to identify the product or service provided by the enterprise to a certain or a group of consumers, and to distinguish it from the products or services of its competitors. - Marketing expert Philip Kotler


The 4P theory is a marketing theory namely: Product, Price, Place, Promotion.Whichever is the first letter, it means product, price, channel, promotion.


From a marketing point of view, a product is anything that can be offered to the market to be used and consumed by people and that satisfies a certain need of people, including tangible products, services, people, organizations, technologies, ideas, or a combination thereof.

In other words, broadly speaking, it is something or value that the customer gets.Can be understood as a general term for products and services.


Refers to the price at which a customer purchases a product, including discounts, payment terms, etc.Price or price decision is related to the company's profit, cost compensation, and whether it is conducive to product sales and promotion.

There are three main factors that affect pricing: demand, cost, and competition.

The highest price depends on the market demand, and the lowest price depends on the cost of the product. Within the range between the highest price and the lowest price, how high an enterprise can set the price of this product depends on the price of competitors' products of the same kind.


The so-called sales channel refers to the sum of the various links and driving forces experienced in the whole process of the goods flowing from the production enterprises to the consumers.


Many people interpret Promotion as "promotion" in a narrow sense, which is actually very one-sided. Promotion should be a series of marketing behaviors including brand promotion (advertising), public relations, and promotions.

The 4Ps are not a one-off relationship in a plane, but a three-dimensional cyclical relationship. For example, in website construction (Promotion), we need to understand the brand's product (Product), deploy specific keywords (Place) and submit it to search Engine, reach the specified customer and define the appropriate price (Price).

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