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How to deal with negative repression of brand public relations?

Negative suppression of brand public relations in operationBrandsIn the process of developing, especially for enterprises with a large number of users, with hundreds of thousands of millions or more, there is often negative information, and the negative information may come from customers or competitors.

The customer may not be your target customer originally. This kind of customer does not have the funds of your target customer, but buys your products and services. What she/he wants is not all that your brand offers, but from other perspectives, Purchased information that your brand did not have, and in the sales process, there was exaggeration or inconsistent communication.

Negative suppression of brand PR handling suggestions

Negative Public Opinion Monitoring - Negative Suppression of Brand Public Relations - 20220403

The means of competitors or the means of people who are dissatisfied with the brand in the brand ecology may emerge in an endless stream, and it does take effort to deal with it, mainly including the following points:

get public forgiveness

When the brand is negative, it may be a small thing. If we confront the opponent, the brand may fall into it and turn the "disrespectful" behavior into "irrational" behavior. Then, things will become a pot of porridge. , whether you are right or wrong, will make it impossible for the public to see clearly.Brands produce high-quality products and services, but also need to deal with human relationships. In China, a country of etiquette, we cannot ignore etiquette temperament. When negative things appear, we should use appropriate behaviors to gain public forgiveness and recognition.

Brands can use apology, improve their behavior, and gain public forgiveness and recognition through new management methods and management efforts.existCrisis PRIn the process, there are not only dangers but also opportunities.

Investigate the truth of the facts

On the one hand, the negative information may come from the improper management of the brand's production, sales and service channels, or from smears and attacks.How to deal with negative information requires us to investigate the truth of the facts, judge and analyze the facts according to the specific situation, determine the public relations strategy, implement the public relations strategy according to the plan, and optimize the means and methods of brand operation.

Investigating the truth, negative information on the Internet often requires Internet technology to investigate. We have seen all kinds of bizarre negative information, not the ability of ordinary consumers and customers to publish negatively, but deep IT technology, and even Some IT technologies require specialized IT personnel or even semi-hacker-level technical personnel. Therefore, public relations companies that do not have IT technology identification and analysis are often unable to deal with these more violent IT network attacks.

Optimize brand operation process

When a brand is attacked, a brand protection mechanism needs to be established to resist brand attack, and it is closely integrated with the brand operation mechanism.

According to BOO-Search Engine OptimizationPublic opinion monitoringBased on the experience in the processing process, we divide the processing process into six steps, "monitoring-discovery-judgment-processing-repair-improvement", through system monitoring and monitoring of the first three pages of the brand word, we find problematic messages and report them to customers. Comprehensive research and judgment of technology and business to prepare preliminary and long-term solutions. After processing according to the solutions, they will be repaired through the release of public opinion manuscripts, and the loopholes or deficiencies found in the brand operation process will be improved, and the improvement will be written into a new process. , build a high-converting brand funnel.

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