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Entrepreneurship and branding are courting death, not making a brand is waiting for death

We often talk about entrepreneurship, read the entrepreneurship classics, whether to start a business or not to start a business?We are also talking about whether small and medium-sized enterprises should become brands, whether starting a business and becoming a brand is courting death, not making a brand is waiting to die, and whether to become a brand or not to become a brand?No money to have children, no seeds to have children, or not to have children?Life is full of the pain of not enjoying enough, and the questions that cannot be answered. Why?Because there is no grand road leading to the other side of happiness waiting for us, but we need to walk out of this broad road together and let the next generation go.

"brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the inheritance and innovation of cultural civilization, and the medium for the exchange of spiritual information in human society.. (米国生活Viewpoint) Brand is also a way and means for capital to obtain a premium, and it is also a carrier of material and spiritual transmission with kindness and strength.

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Doing a brand is courting death

Being a brand is not courting death, but a very normal way of doing business. Why is it courting death?

Make a brand to burn money

doBrandsNot only do you have to take action for the positive energy of the brand, but to promote the brand, you need to spend money. Simply spending money is to publish the good people and good deeds of your brand through online public opinion, including Baidu Know, Baidu Tieba, Sina iAsk, forums, etc., Xiaohong Books, Douyin, videos, new media, news media, etc. These are expenses, and doing good deeds also requires expenses. We give love, we maintain our brand in a down-to-earth manner, take care of our customers, and let our brand Not hurt.

Do brand heartburn

While doing a good job of your own brand, you must also resist the blow of bad competition. The brand name of others is more popular, the price is cheaper, and more people buy it. It is a cost to endure loneliness and hunger in the busy city.It's like drinking a 53° sauce-flavored spirit and passing through the intestines.Burn, stab.

Not being a brand is waiting to die

How do people who don't make brands live?One order counts as one order, without any accumulation, then this kind of enterprise either has a source of continuous orders, or it has a market reputation that has become a brand.

Do not do brand rely on relationship

In the fast-developing economic environment, we rely on the development of dividends, and dividends are the overall interests of society. In front of the cake, what people need to do is to learn how to divide the cake.The most direct way to divide the cake is to have a good relationship, and everyone can discuss how to divide the cake immediately, so there is no need to create it, because the times created the cake.

Don't be a brand, rely on continuous adaptation

Some companies do what they do when they are popular. If they don't become popular, they will cancel the company. Of course, there are also fake brands that are canceled along with them - a trademark with a brand image. This trademark has played a temporary role in the trend of the times. The role of the brand is also to consume the public's ignorance of the brand, to damage the entire brand industry, and to gain its own "brand" value benefits.Therefore, this kind of brand is not serious, but only uses the brand as a tool for profit.

Finally, letting go of the obsession of enjoying happiness and taking on the responsibility of taking on challenges is the sacred mission of our generation of entrepreneurs who are painful and happy.Our business environment has improved significantly in recent years, but there is still a long way to go.Hope our brand米国生活On the way of courting death, you can meet a large number of excellent brands, cherish each other, support each other, build a vision of happiness, and go on a beautiful journey together.Let the next generation of private entrepreneurs stand proud in the new domestic and international economic order.

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