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New ideas for marketing and living customers of medical promotion hospital beauty salons!

Medical industry promotion Since the Baidu Wei Zexi incident in 2016, five years later, there will be an apology for 2021 medical advertisements in 360. Now, there is one word to describe the promotion of the medical industry, and that is "itch". The channels for single promotion are almost blocked, but because of the large profit margins, the medical industry still cannot give up the persistent pursuit of patients.This article briefly describes the channels and methods that can be implemented.

Medical Promotion Live Guest-Internet Marketing Promotion-米国生活

Sina iAsk traffic portal

Ask SinaIt is a search that was founded by the Sina team in 2005. The current direction is Q&A. It transmits information to users through one question, one answer, and one question and more answers. Users can do it by themselves or through advertisements, but the prerequisites for advertising are You have relevant qualifications in the medical industry.

The traffic portal is a marketing method that we cannot escape. The recent successful summary of Perfect Diary’s marketing also grasps the traffic portal of the times, citing a passage from Chinese Enterprise Plus Magazine: “Zhou Hongqi shared Perfect Diary as an example, as the beauty of domestic products. The new makeup brand, the reason why it can win the rise is that it has successfully "pulled new" all the way, and constantly stepped on the "new traffic". In 2017, Perfect Diary chose Xiaohongshu as the traffic entrance, in 2018, it chose Douyin, and in 2020 Going offline, Perfect Diary can always find where the cost-effective traffic is in the current era.”

Sina iAsk may be one of the few ways for the medical industry to promote traffic.

Sina iAsk Promotion Case-米国生活

Of course, in addition to the groom's love questions, we can also publish some online promotion information through forums and other platforms.

Website SEO optimization

SEM and SEO are opposites. When we cannot get SEM traffic, we can get the corresponding traffic and promotion through the optimization of the website. SEO does not involve the violation of advertisements and third-party advertisements, but it must also comply with the advertising laws. Provisions, not exaggerated publicity.

SEO needs to do website optimization to get traffic. Generally, larger hospitals have their own SEO teams. Of course, this does not rule out米国生活Can provide better SEO help.This price is really a bargain.

Brand Funnel SEO Optimization

The medical industry is first and foremost an industry that requires trust. Hospitals need to have corresponding qualifications, as well as ability and medical ethics, in order to win the trust and good reputation of customers.What provides customers with trust is brand reputation/brand reputation. We realize the dissemination of brand voice through network promotion and information release, and through optimization, we can improve brand reputation and reputation, and accelerate the sales process.

Brand Marketing Program-BOO-Brand Funnel-米国生活

Through the optimization of the brand funnel, we joined customers for a well-known beauty salon, and achieved a brand value increase of several hundred million within two years. At the same time, the number of live customers increased, and sales increased accordingly.

米国生活Provide one-stop brand optimization,Negative public opinion suppressionand other related services, welcome to communicate with us to get the solutions you need.

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