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What are the advantages of Sina AiQ doing brand online promotion?

Ask Sina –

As the first intelligent interactive search engine in Chinese, "Aiwen" has broken through the search mode of winning algorithms represented by GOOGLE and Baidu.

Sina Love Ask-Q&A Network Promotion-米国生活

In addition to retaining the powerful functions of traditional algorithm technology in regular web search, Sina's "AiQ" uses a unique interactive Q&A platform to make up for the inherent deficiencies of traditional algorithm technology in the intelligence and interactivity of the search interface.By mobilizing netizens to participate in questioning and answering, "AiQ" can bring together the wisdom of millions of netizens, allowing users to share knowledge and experience with each other.

Sina has accumulated the essence of content information in the 12 years since its establishment. It gathers massive information and resources from various channels of Sina, and reflects the strong content of Sina iAsk as the world's largest Chinese portal website.

Sina iAsk Promotion Case-米国生活

Sina iAsk Traffic – Industry Distribution

Sina iAsk traffic-Internet promotion in the medical industry-米国生活

We see that the medical and health industry, the education and science industry, and the entertainment and leisure industry account for a large proportion, which are good traffic portals for marketing and promotion.

Sina AiQ-Q&A Marketing Positioning

Q&A interactivity

The interactive effect of question and answer can fully supplement the deficiencies of the website content, and also allow readers to improve their knowledge. Such interactive effect not only has a targeted effect, but also has a broad effect.

Extensive Q&A

The characteristics of Q&A marketing itself determine the breadth of Q&A marketing. A question can lead to discussions from different groups of people, and an event can lead to comments from different groups of people. Brand suggestions often start with Q&A.

Question and answer pertinence

Questions and answers can be aimed at a certain target group, select the focus of attention according to the characteristics of the group, fully mobilize the power of this group, and achieve targeted effects.It can also be discussed on the topic, so that more people can participate and achieve the effect of crowd integration.

Q&A controllability

If the company is a platform or a medium, comments can be controlled by means of auditing to remove duplicate and non-compliant comments, so as to benefit readers and make the content healthy.

Sina iQ-Q&A Marketing Advantages

Realizable brand - precision marketing

For users who ask questions on the Q&A platform, each of their questions is an elaboration of their needs. Each question can be regarded as a long-tail keyword, and the answer of the answerer is a question guide, which can be used to accurately guide the user to the on the website or product.

Can be built quickly - good reputation

Users can ask questions according to their own needs, and we can make professional answers according to the needs of users. After the answer is accepted, other users will see the answer when they search for similar questions, increasing brand exposure and establishing a good reputation .

Can be improved quickly - brand credibility

Because Q&A promotion needs to face users, there is interaction between the questioner and the answerer in Q&A promotion, and the answerer generally answers the questioner's question as a past person or expert, the answer is more credible, and the answerer It represents the corporate brand, thereby increasing the credibility of the brand.

Can improve website - search engine ranking

Each question is a long-tail term that has high weight in search engines and ranks high.The Q&A platform can put keywords, and the search engine has a significant effect on the Q&A platform. Q&A promotion is known as one of the most effective promotion methods.

Sina iAsk's Marketing Service

The promotion model is "consumption prepayment" plus "annual service fee", which can be used as a partner to recharge iAsk products. The prepayment will be paid within 1 working day from the date of signing the contract. If there is no payment within 1 working day In place, the contract is voided and fees paid are not refunded.The partner needs to complete a certain amount of tasks during the contract period, and the amount is to be determined by both parties.

This service is suitable formedical promotion.

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