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How to manage brand negative public opinion word of mouth information

How to manage negative brand public opinion?Negative corporate brand public opinion will damage the corporate image to a certain extent.As big as a crisis public opinion incident, as small as a black cat complaint/zhihu/postba negative, let it go or be forced to deal with it, it does not mean the end of the negative public opinion management work of the company, but the beginning of the reshaping of the corporate image.Enterprises should adjust their corporate behavior in a timely manner, take various measures to restore the public's trust in the company and its brand, reshape the company's good image, and do a good job ofPublic opinion optimization.

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The Development and Change of Internet Public Opinion

In the age of Internet information, the influence of network public opinion is more rapid and powerful.Crisis PRThe use and response in the process cannot be ignored.The continuous emergence and updating of emerging technologies and platforms, the continuous innovation of corporate sales channels and sales methods and strategies, the gradual increase of consumers’ early adopters of new things, the Internet provides a wider space for the public, and corporate public opinion also makes the traditional public opinion structure. Huge changes have taken place.

Improper management of enterprises, rapid expansion, ignoring the rights of consumers themselves, and only caring about interests and not the value attributes of products. After consumers make impulsive purchases, they can express their opinions online anytime and anywhere, and use direct communication and discussion, even on the Internet. In a short period of time, a hot spot of public opinion was quickly formed, impacting the main body of the incident.Faced with the dual crisis of public opinion online and offline, it is easy for companies to get into trouble.

How to Manage Negative Brand Sentiment

Corporate brand public relations should establish a negative system of brand self-diagnosis and supervision, check, analyze and evaluate from multiple levels and angles, find out deficiencies, and take necessary negative public opinion management measures to correct them in time to fundamentally reduce or even eliminate brand crises production.

Comprehensively sorting and analyzing negative public opinions, making correct decisions, and correcting online public opinions through Internet technology means are the necessary means of dealing with public opinions at present.

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Recognize the influence of public opinion

It is necessary to recognize that online public opinion has the characteristics of focus, suddenness, urgency, and destructiveness, and understand the difference between its manifestation and traditional public opinion, and realize the importance of online public opinion to brand image.In addition, there are also positive and negative influences on brands or individuals. Positive and negative public opinion trends can magnify the advantages and image characteristics of the brand, further expand the popularity and dissemination scope, and improve the influence of the brand. It is very beneficial to brand communication and publicity; on the contrary, negative and positive public opinion can make the public's trust in the brand drop instantly, and the trust in it will also be greatly reduced. A positive image is formed in the hearts of more people, and this damages the brand very quickly and quickly.
Recognizing the opportunities and risks brought by public opinion, urge enterprises to pay more attention to the detection of public opinion, quickly make judgments when public opinion occurs, timely seize the opportunity brought by negative public opinion of the enterprise, or effectively control and guide when the negative public opinion is further fermented.

Deal with public opinion in a timely and correct manner

As soon as positive or negative opinions arise, a timely response is required.In response to positive public opinion, you can respond while it's hot, get the opportunity to promote products and brands, create brand personality through communication and communication, make the brand image more widely known and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and further enhance the public's favorability.Moreover, after the negative public opinion appears, it is also necessary to seize the opportunity to respond and solve it quickly before further fermentation, so as to eliminate the public's doubts, let the incident be solved in time, and let the public see the importance and response ability of the enterprise to public opinion.

Prescribe the right medicine, combined with cultural attributes

rightfulnessIt is a fundamental starting point from the value orientation and needs of the public, don't deceive yourself, don't bully the weak by the strong.

Public opinion is the most common reflection of public opinion. Whether it is positive or negative, to properly handle public opinion, it is necessary to correctly interpret public opinion and understand the public's value orientation and inner appeal to events.To respond to public opinion, we must grasp the essence of the incident and the focus of public attention, actively answer questions, and start from the aspects of value orientation, value requirements, internal judgment, and satisfying public emotions and psychological needs.

With the help of effective resources

With the help of effective tools, you can do more with less, and with the help of authority and platforms, you can voice and support yourself.It can partner with other brands, platforms or agencies before it can deal with negative publicity about the business.

Eliminate or resolve public opinion crises from the source

The problem of negative public opinion of a company or brand is also an asset in the organizational process. It is only necessary to make reasonable use of the asset and analyze the source and reason of the negative. In the process of brand operation, the brand segmentation, product segmentation, service segmentation, after-sales Dealing with countermeasure segmentation can solve critical problems of the operating system with minimal cost.

Finally, timely monitoring, analysis and processing of brand public opinion can keep the brand in a healthy and good state for a long time in the operation process.There are also many advanced technical means and special testing tools for referenceBOO SEO.

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