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4 aspects of the template of the public opinion monitoring report

Public opinion monitoringThe writing format of the report is relatively strict. First, the report object, the overview of the network public opinion event or topic, the source and characteristics of the public opinion information, and the key words of the network public opinion monitoring, etc., are clearly defined, so that the readers can clearly recognize the report's target at the first time. It provides a basis for the analysis and display of information data and other data charts, and then introduces various types of media representing the trend of mass communication, public attention and policy analysis from macro to trend and micro level. At the end, give a suggestion or plan to deal with public opinion, and submit it toPublic Opinion SEO Companyas the basis for optimization.

Although there are various powerful public opinion monitoring systems today, the reports generated by them are generally difficult to be constructive and creative.Therefore, after the process and method of the preliminary conclusions generated by the public opinion monitoring system in practice, the need to manually compile a more in-depth and easier-to-understand public opinion monitoring report is still a necessary work content for organizing public opinion monitoring and response.

The core content of the public opinion report is divided into three main parts, namely topic overview, information collection, and public opinion analysis. The "topic overview" part mostly adopts "summarized" introduction content, the "information collection or public opinion collection" part collects corroborative information and data based on the actual public opinion status, and the "public opinion analysis" part is for the public, media Analysis and conclusions of public opinion dissemination, sentiment analysis, and high-profile group portraits.

Public opinion monitoring system-negative suppression of brand public opinion monitoring-米国生活

Network Public Opinion Monitoring Report Format

l Title:

Usually use bold type, three-point font, left or center alignment.

The title is required to clearly express a clear point of view, and questions or rhetorical titles cannot be used.

l Source of information:

Usually use Song or imitation Song, small three-point font, left-aligned.

The source of the news media, the release time, must find the source of the mass media with the right to news interviews.

l Collection time:

The time period for the collection of public opinion information monitoring information is usually in Song or imitation Song, and small three-point fonts, aligned to the left.

l Reporter:

The reporter or reporting person, that is, the name of the individual or organization writing the report, shall use the font of Song or imitation Song, small three-point font.

l Contact:

Contact information to ensure effective communication at any time, such as telephone, e-mail or postal address, etc., use the font of Song or imitation Song, small three.

l Text:

Usually use Song or imitation Song, small three-point font, the line spacing is a fixed value of 27 points, the kerning standard is enough, and the number of words is guaranteed to be around XNUMX characters.The main content attaches importance to the timeliness, and pays attention to the mainstream news media. If you quote mass media manuscripts, you must be careful not to delete, modify or add any original manuscript content.Avoid collecting information data with low relevance or target deviation, and use a simple typesetting method as much as possible to prevent errors or confusion after submission. Please refer to the typesetting method of publications.

l Accessories:

Including public relations survey forms, public relations samples, authoritative channel information manuscripts, network public opinion monitoring management system and other related materials and manuscripts for reference and decision-making.

Online Public Opinion Monitoring Report Template

xxx data leakage incident network public opinion monitoring report

Information Source:


People's Network;

Sina News;

XNUMX. Overview of the public opinion of the event

20xx/x/x night xx:xx, a company's official sales platform ( was exposed to a large number of user data leaks due to system loopholes and unfavorable supervision. These data include user ID cards, mobile phone numbers, recipient addresses, email addresses and other sensitive information.The leaked information spreads on the Internet, causing serious information security risks to users.Therefore, in the early stage of the incident, PR Home carried out continuous thematic public opinion monitoring on keywords such as “information leakage of a company”, “information leakage of users of a certain platform”, etc., and the relevant public opinion reached a peak state on 20xx/x/x.

XNUMX. Public opinion monitoring data

1. Event carding

Key attention: Matters worthy of attention during the development of the event... (omitted)

2. Public opinion topics

During the network public opinion monitoring stage, the index (heat value) of "information security" hot events remains high. It can be seen from this that the public is particularly concerned about the security of information and privacy in the network, and it can also show the importance that the whole society attaches to information security. .

Key words related to information leakage of a company's platform in such hot topics include "information leakage of a certain platform", "a company due to information leakage...", "security vulnerability of a certain platform...", etc., among which the frequency of information leakage-related keywords is obvious Higher than other information security keywords.

There are ten similar incidents in the same keyword of "information leakage", XNUMX similar incidents in the same keyword of "information security", and .... a total of xx similar incidents.

...detailed features or feature descriptions in keywords (omitted)

3. Hot words of public opinion

Mainstream network information platforms, such as Weibo, news websites, WeChat official accounts, and related forums, are platforms that can gather people who pay attention to events. Keywords that a company has a high popularity and a high frequency of appearing at this stage.Red represents the online public opinion hot words and public opinion status for a certain company, blue represents the keywords and public opinion status that the Internet public is concerned about in similar events, and purple represents... .The larger the font size, the stronger the public attention. The closer the keyword is to the center, the greater the influence of public opinion. Repeated hot words often represent the direction that a company and similar events have involved or attracted public attention.

4. Geographical distribution

At this stage, the domestic online public who pay attention to related events is widely distributed, and the more concentrated areas include South China, North China, and East China. Among them, the public in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places pay attention to and comment on news and information of similar events. , reprints, etc. are very frequent, and the western and central China regions are relatively less popular.

Among them, hot topics about a certain company are published and reprinted frequently in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places, and the attention and comments of the online public in these areas are relatively high, which has caused problems such as...

5. Crowd division

A total of 200 randomly selected online members of the public participated in the survey. The statistics are as follows:

l Support attitude

38% of the online public believe that a company is passive or a victim in this incident. After the incident, it can quickly respond to users and take appropriate countermeasures. A company can provide users with a safe and secure platform environment….

l Neutral attitude

12% of the online public believe that a company's information leakage incident is a public relations subject that responds quickly to the recent frequent occurrence of network security issues, and looks forward to the follow-up solution and implementation effect. . .

l Opposition

50% of the online public believe that a company has unavoidable dereliction of duty, poor technical ability, and weak awareness of prevention in this incident. Some people even suspect that a company may have economic interests in this incident, and The company platform cannot handle the problem properly and will no longer use the services it provides….

l Attitudes to similar events

The 200 online members of the public who participated in the random survey were generally worried about such incidents. More than 70% of the participants believed that the leakage of personal information would bring hidden dangers to xx, and about 20% of the participants believed that the personal information on special platforms It is very important. About 10% of the participants believe that personal information on the Internet will be improved with the improvement of network security technology and related laws. . .

XNUMX. Analysis of media communication

1. Public opinion trends

Since 20xx/x/x, a company's platform xxx has published xx related news reports on xx network, xx daily, xx newspaper, xx TV... and other news media, with a total exposure of x million times.A total of xx related reports were reprinted on, xx information... and other information platforms, with a total of x million exposures.There are a total of xx topics related to Weibo, with a total exposure of xx million times..., WeChat public account... .

20xx/x/x, the event heat reaches its peak due to the influence of xxx.After that, due to the influence of xxx, the heat of the event began to cool down...

2. Communication platform

As shown in the statistical chart, about 80% of the public opinion information about a company's information security issues and users' personal information leakage comes from online social platforms, such as Weibo, official accounts, etc., including @xx, @xx..., and The articles and comments of opinion leaders such as xxx official account and xxx official account have increased the public opinion enthusiasm of the xxx information leakage incident to a height of xx million person-times;

Secondly, about 13% of the public opinion information comes from news media clients such as xx newspaper, xx network, etc. and aggregated information clients, among which news reports published by news media clients cause rapid reprints on various information platforms, and are published on the information platforms. Forming comments and secondary communication influences, this situation further strengthens the diffusion and in-depth influence of public opinion information in online social platforms;

In addition, about 7% of the public opinion information comes from various post bars and forums. The topic discussion leads to relevant hot topics on many online social platforms, and the second or multiple hot topic discussions formed on such communication platforms and Forwarding is also a key element in the rapid spread of this public opinion incident.

3. Media coverage

Among the many news reports, the Public Relations House found the media press releases reported in the early days through information traceability, and obtained the judgment results from the analysis of time, viewpoints, etc.

The report of "A Company..." published by clearly pointed out the key problems of..., and contacted the platform users who had published such information on the Internet as soon as possible. After interviews, the incident and opinions of... …with detailed reporting.Subsequently, it was reported that xx media had reprinted the comments one after another, leading to the result of...

There is a misleading phenomenon in the report of "User Information Security..." published by xx daily, and clearly points out the platform name of a certain company and... in the report. Due to the existence of misleading information... . that the follow-up strategy can be implemented and the goals of ... can be effectively and effectively achieved.

xx TV station interviewed well-known network information security experts such as xx and xxx at the request of… And the development status of the case, the experts put forward the opinions of ... and pointed out the problems of ....Contact xx experts in the case of ... and implement corresponding public relations communication processing with the help of authority ....

4. Netizen Topics

On social media platforms such as Weibo and the official account, the topics about the hidden dangers of a company's xx platform xx are mainly divided into two categories, one is "...the problem has hidden dangers", and the other is "...will face legal prosecution" .Among them, topics with higher popularity, higher communication frequency, and higher attitude complexity include... .

The opinion leaders who have some key guiding roles in the topics of netizens include... . xx opinion leaders have influenced nearly XNUMX people to approve and support them through their articles on "...", and xx opinion leaders have gained more than XNUMX exposure, more than XNUMX likes, and thousands of people's appreciation through their commentary articles on "..." ... (the influence of other opinion leaders in the topics of netizens, omitted).

5. The focus and analysis of other media related information and data (omitted)

XNUMX. Summary of public opinion monitoring

1. Public opinion guidance and response

Quickly take response measures to the issues that the online public is concerned about and focus on, protect the relevant interests of platform users and the company itself through laws, and actively carry out various media communications to obtain corresponding support, and then continue to spread and reshape the company's own image.At the same time, the public relations and communication activities aimed at gaining public support...caused the public's full attention and attitude changes on the Internet and other media.

2. Quickly develop safeguards

A company will hold a public opinion and public relations crisis decision-making meeting today. The primary goal is to quickly formulate safeguard measures for information security leakage caused by this security issue, and formulate the "xx Platform Security Technology Improvement Agreement" and "xx Network Security Technology Upgrade Requirements" during the meeting. ", and "...Information Security..." and other related content such as network, information, users, organizational systems, and responsible personnel.

.... (other strategy suggestions, omitted)

3. Accelerate the upgrade of security technology

Through this incident, it has been proved that the security technology of a company's xx platform is in a backward position in the industry. In order to continue the survival and development of a company in this field and gain the trust and dependence of a wide range of users, a clear policy should be established from the decision-making level to the management level. Safety awareness and crisis management awareness….Therefore, it is necessary to immediately formulate and carry out a plan to accelerate the upgrading of platform security technology and improve the crisis management plan. . .

4. Enlist the support of authoritative departments and experts

Actively seek the support and cooperation of network security and information management technology from the government and social third-party organizations, establish a user personal information management system directly managed by relevant government departments, and strengthen the public's support for a company through the technical support and management of authoritative departments Trust in its brands, products….On the other hand, through the establishment of cooperation with a third-party authoritative security agency with national appraisal and further enhance the speed of corporate reputation recovery at the social level, and to engage in social welfare activities in business cooperation...enhance the value of cooperation between the two parties and shape the public welfare of both parties. The important role of image, enhance the influence of the industry...etc.

5. Learn from other companies

After properly handling the incident, a company should conduct extensive seminars on network security and information security in the industry to promote the establishment and development of non-profit organizations in the industry, which can not only effectively promote the company's great progress in this area , On the other hand, it is also to reshape or establish a new image and authority of the enterprise in this regard after the event. . .

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