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Several cases of low-cost brand marketing planning

After planning the target image and communication method of the brand, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive creativity according to the design requirements of the brand image and the characteristics of the communication method, so as to successfully shape the brand image in the target market.Comprehensive creativity is the creative design of every detail and content in the brand communication process. The creativity must be able to accurately express the intention of the brand image design, and it must be perceived and recognized by the vast majority of target consumers. Therefore, , Comprehensive creativity is actually a very important job that affects the communication effect of the brand image, and it is the soul of brand marketing planning, so it should be scientifically planned.

Creativity is deliberate innovation, flexibility, and freedom from constraints.Therefore, there is no fixed format for creativity. The essence of creativity is "smart", and a small inspiration can create a world-class brand.For example, the American beverage brand "Coca_cola" has set its brand name in China as "Coca-Cola", which is both connotative and homophonic, both pleasant and memorable. This has also become a very important factor for the success of "Coca-Cola" in China. Another example: "Huiren" Shenbao's classic advertising slogan: "Drink Huiren Shenbao, he is good, I am also good", a short advertising slogan, not only very aptly explained the main effect of the product , but also meaningful and tasteful, it is a masterpiece of creativity.
However, creativity is not free-wheeling and random thoughts. Creativity must also follow certain principles. The most fearful thing about creativity is "chaos". If there is no theme, and it goes against the original intention, it is not a good idea.The comprehensive creativity in brand marketing planning is the creativity of the comprehensive content and process in brand marketing activities. Its task is to successfully display the image of the brand according to the requirements of brand image design. Therefore, the theme of comprehensive creativity must conform to To successfully shape a brand image, creative activities must be centered on how to successfully shape a brand image, otherwise the entire marketing campaign will be ineffective or even counterproductive.For example, there are many TV commercials that always make people feel inexplicable. After watching it for a long time, they don’t know what they are talking about. After a few years, they have not left a deep impression on people, because the theme is not very clear and the scene is chaotic. .

The embodiment of creativity is not only the transmission of ideas, but also a kind of deep cultural communication, so that specific groups of people can well accept its essence in a cheerful, willing and active atmosphere. Entrepreneur's Wisdom Choice", "Love Life, Love Lafang" and other creative phrases.

1. Chen Ou Sports

Once, an advertisement of Jumei was popular in our social network, and Chen Ou staged a counter-attack of Diaosi with his actions.The rhythm of its advertisements is catchy, easy to understand, and clear in structure, which reflects the determination to speak for itself, and its language conveys infinite positive energy.This energy attracts you, touches your heart, and inspires everyone.

However, what I never expected was that this advertisement set off a wave of adaptation in the social network. The catchy advertisement sentence pattern allowed the users of the social network to fill in the blanks. For a time, "I speak for myself" became a hot topic.Turning the original inspirational advertisement into a fun or entertaining fashion game with a sense of entertainment, the huge contrast formed during it is also an important reason for the popularity of "Chen Ou Ti".

For the popularity of "Chen Ou Ti", it may also be unintentional.It not only brings huge brand benefits to Jumeiyoupin, but also shows the novel and diverse characteristics of event marketing, and integrates news effects, advertising effects, public relations, image communication, and customer relations.I'm used to seeing too many traditional advertisements, and I feel that they are too "hard". Occasionally, a little "soft" advertisement will attract a lot of attention.Just like college admissions advertisements, many universities are promoting their scientific research strength, but the final result is not good. It is the "advertising" that plays a warm card like "I am waiting for you at the university", which has attracted the attention of most netizens across the country.Some event marketing will use the current hot events for marketing, and people are often willing to pay attention to hot events. This kind of "soft" advertisement can attract many users to click and pay attention. The best example is the cheetah.

2. Cheetah Browser

Cheetah Browser has become very popular through ticket grabbing. In the winter of my freshman year, Cheetah Browser launched a special edition for ticket grabbing, and it became popular with the "bad" website 12306. Bundle.Later, the Ministry of Railways interviewed the Cheetah browser, which caused a thousand waves, which also made Cheetah's market share soar.The current situation that one ticket is hard to find, and the background of online ticket purchase demand that broke out among the majority of users during the Spring Festival have created a once-in-a-lifetime "event marketing" opportunity for some browser manufacturers.Cheetah Browser successfully took advantage of the opportunity of "difficulty in buying tickets" and successfully broke through with event marketing.Subsequently, Cheetah and other software frequently reported news of being interviewed and stopped, and Cheetah also appeared in a high profile on CCTV news programs.And Cheetah used these hot events to carry out secondary promotion and packaging, so that people completely remember this browser.

Event marketing is also risky. Sometimes merchants deliberately create unreal events in order to promote their products. Once the user learns the details, it is likely to have a certain antipathy to the company, which will ultimately hurt the company’s interests. .Although some event marketing has brought about antipathy, the final effect is that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

3. Cheetah Wi-Fi Assistant

The next two editors will tell the stories behind the success of Cheetah Wi-Fi Assistant.I believe that everyone has seen this news during the winter vacation this year. "The 19-year-old boy bought Wi-Fi on the train and earned over 500 in half an hour."Many netizens expressed their desire to follow suit, so this news became the hottest day on Weibo, with nearly 300 million searches on Baidu for "selling Wi-Fi on the train".In fact, everyone basically knows that the version after win7 comes with the W-Fi function, but there are still many users who are very magical about the function of turning on the hotspot on the computer.Therefore, in a short period of time, the number of users of this software has increased rapidly.

But this kind of event marketing, the editor thinks it looks fake and a bit "excessive".Because to earn 500 in half an hour, XNUMX people need to connect at the same time, plus later media reports that this is an event marketing.Then the editor will be very disgusted with Cheetah, but many users will continue to use it after experiencing it, and will not uninstall it because of disgust, so this is also a very successful event marketing.However, some event marketing will do more harm than good, and it will be a bit risky to make a fuss about some less positive news about some companies or company founders.For example, it may not be very suitable to use milk tea and Qiangdong's love news as event marketing.

I have done amateur and professional analysis before, and I sincerely want to help, but they are all stuck in conjecture and theory.As a half-hearted practitioner who focuses on film new media marketing, I dare not claim to be a professional. I just want to give some practical answers based on the cases I have done. I hope it can help, and welcome to make a brick.

Taking into account the confidentiality and maintenance of customer information, the following answers will not give exact names when it comes to movies or customers. I'm sorry to make you guess, but please understand this kind of politeness.

The movie itself always comes first.

When it comes to marketing, it is inevitable that some so-called success studies instill arguments like "there is no product that cannot be sold" and "marketing has nothing to do with the product". From a moral point of view, this is very hateful.Selling bad products to people for enjoyment is not just a simple act of cheating, it is a real harm to consumers.Therefore, when it comes to film marketing, the film itself as a product should always be the first consideration.When we are doing movie marketing, the first step is not to talk about how to do it and how much to budget, but to watch the movie directly after a brief greeting.After reading it carefully, no matter what the customer says, there is already a ruler in their hearts. First judge whether it is good or bad, and then decide whether to carry out marketing promotion.At this point, the temptation of money often plays a big role in hindering, but in order to be responsible to the audience, we basically only choose movies with at least qualified quality. This is the principle, and it is very important to be responsible to the audience.

Choose a marketing platform, mainly based on new media.

Due to the inability to compete with 4A companies and to compete with public institutions, traditional trailers, advertisements, and press conferences are not involved in public relations activities. They focus on the new media field and focus on Weibo, WeChat and social networking platforms. , to carry out creative planning and implementation of marketing strategies.The main platforms currently selected are Sina Weibo, WeChat, Douban Xiaozhan and some forums.These platforms, called new media, are well suited to the receptive tastes of the main audience.

Study the film itself, pick the highlights and the grooves.

The highlights, lines, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. of a certain movie that you often see on Weibo and WeChat are carefully selected and curated.For example, after we unearthed many philosophical lines in a Hollywood blockbuster, we gathered all the moving lines and spread them on Weibo by creating topics and long Weibo.When the influence is not in place, through the auxiliary voice of Weibo opinion leaders, the topic can be quickly spread, and a large amount of exposure can be achieved. After increasing the exposure of the film, the box office will be greatly improved.

Of course, it is not limited to the highlights. The movie is not perfect, and there must be shortcomings. Find it out, and through planning and perfect copywriting performance, make the shortcomings into the object of national discussion and complaints, supplemented by the assistance of Weibo. To promote, to form widespread dissemination.In short, all the materials are excavated around the movie itself, no matter the content of the movie, the main creator, the behind-the-scenes or even competing products, there is a chat, and after planning and creative follow-up, the platform is spread.

The event marketing hotspots followed up, allowing the film to appear on a large scale.

There are endless hot events on Weibo every day, some with positive energy, some with negative energy, some helpless, some light-hearted and funny. These hotspots attract the attention of netizens and are a giant.Our job is to skillfully combine self-movie elements with hot events and stand on the shoulders of giants.Entertainment events like Guo Meimei are the best combination for movies.After standing in a good position and taking a good angle, actively participate in the discussion among netizens, and make a distinctive voice to attract attention.When there is really no suitable combination of events, then create events and create public opinion discussions.For example, when promoting a blockbuster, colleagues imitate the characters of the movie, forming an interesting imitation boom, and then through the boost of a large number, a self-made Weibo hotspot is formed.

Rhythmically cooperate with the film release and distribution arrangements, and use resources to boost it.

At key points, it is necessary to cooperate with the overall promotion plan of the film. The use of resources such as a large number of Weibo opinion leaders and Weibo big account grassroots and large Weibo celebrities often makes marketing more effective, and covering fans is more effective than advertising.

About navy and zombie fans.

No, but it must be used prudently. This is a necessity. The attributes of platforms such as Weibo and Douban determine the generation of certain strategies.Of course, all premise is that the quality of the film itself is excellent.As I said before, everything has to be built on the film itself.

Personally think that cost is a comprehensive concept, including capital cost, opportunity cost, time cost and so on.For example, Evergrande Bingquan, a local tyrant in a short period of time, has created a channel, saved several years of channel construction time, and has the ability to collect large-scale short-term payments, spend a lot of money, and do big things. .

Spend a lot of money, do big things, and spend small money, don’t do things, don’t spend money, don’t do things; compared to the latter, it is a real high cost, seemingly low or no money investment, but a waste of time and development. Timing, whether it is low-cost marketing, ultimately depends on marketing effectiveness.

To play low-cost marketing, the core lies in the word "smart", using four or two thousand pounds of ingenuity, supplemented by reasonable resource investment, to achieve marketing goals.

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