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How to build a high-end brand marketing strategy?

Bring upHigh-end brand, remembered that I just saw it todayChanel's brand story, I originally had a personal prejudice against the luxury newspaper, but after reading its story, I was moved by it.Because behind Chanel is an unforgettable love story about a couple who love each other deeply. However, a talented man fell in love with a woman, but the man gave the woman a necklace made by himself. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident on the road, and the woman was in pain. But she insisted on the man's career, and she never married, she just dressed herself more elegantly, and made this jewelry into a brand-Chanel, which is also the name of this woman. (The Chanel brand story above is written from memory.)


The reason why we do not have a well-known brand is that on the one hand, we are relatively backward in development, have problems with the environment, and have insufficient civilization and will. On the other hand, we lack the touching stories and values ​​behind the brand.Brand MarketingJust stay on the surface of the formal level.

How to build a high-end brand

Shaping the Founder's Legend

For example, the legendary story of Chanel is widely circulated, her experience and her creative process are depicted as legends, and her love poems and views are depicted with some special signs andunique values.

Create a classic story for the brand

For example, the advertising slogan used by the jewelry king De Beers in 1951:Diamonds last forever, and the beautiful love story behind it, it has become the most successful marketing advertisement in history. For example, Hermes is a story king. You can see that it has given too many stories to a carriage LOGO. Many explosive products produced by Hermes are well received The essence of Internet marketing, such as the advertising slogan of the world's No. XNUMX watch Patek Philippe "You can never really own a Patek Philippe, you just treasure it for your descendants".

Advocating handmade emphasizing design inspiration and design concept, emphasizing details

High-end brandEmphasize quality.emphasis on culture.emphasize the soul.EmphasizeThe exquisiteness of each process and the designer's craftsmanship and fame, as well as the designer's design concept, are meticulously crafted and designed forevery detailThe concept of ensuring the best quality, as well as emphasizing and ensuring the consistency of the product concept in marketing activities, all these have given the product a unique soul.

celebrity effect

High-end brands always have celebrity effect. If a stylish celebrity is unwilling to use this product, it is equivalent to sending a message: your product has no meaning, no culture, no connotation and no value, only suitable for those who have no style. If you wear it, then even the unstyled public is reluctant to spend a lot of money to use a thing that has been labeled as worthless by celebrities.

Relationship Marketing

In fact, a new high-end brand is first promoted in a certain circle, and finds its own products. There are certain products that match the products.identity and social statusJust as things gather people and divide them into groups, when a luxury product is accepted by a person with the same quality and status, it is easy to promote it in the same circle, it is easy to reach a consensus, and it is easy to makeA sense of belonging and having shared qualitiesAt the same time, it can also affect the value orientation of ordinary consumers outside the circle, thereby creating a consumer taste that is exclusive to a certain type of people.

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