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Brand building for startups

For a start-up company, there is often not a lot of budget for brand building and brand promotion at the beginning, so does such a company need to be a brand?

The answer must be: no!Because no matter what kind of business, brand building is very important.

So how should startups do a good job in brand marketing planning and carry out effective brand building?

1. Division of responsibilities:

The work content of the three functional departments of brand, market and public relations should be clearly divided.The public relations department is responsible for facing the media, the marketing department is mainly responsible for product implementation, and the brand department is responsible for guiding and managing the general direction, focusing on positioning the entire company, and allowing the company's products to form a differentiation and competitive advantage.

The brand strategy should be consistent with the business strategy of the entire company, so the head of the brand team should maintain the closest communication with the CEO.

2. Choose the right time:

Entrepreneurs with limited resources and lack of brand experience must do two things first:

First, find the person responsible for social media, and start the production and operation of content.

Under today's market conditions, operating new media is a very low-cost thing (almost only labor costs), and the cost of trial and error is relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to start training social media leaders as soon as possible, and to accumulate brand reputation in the industry as early as possible. This can achieve high cost performance with low cost.

Second, put public relations in a more important position, establish media resources, and pave the way for timely delivery of content to the market and sound.

In addition, to do a good job in brand planning, it is necessary to pay attention to the connotation of brand naming, the difference in brand positioning, the uniqueness of brand image design, and the creation of a strong brand operation team, etc.It is also necessary to adhere to the core value of the brand and the original intention of the establishment of the enterprise, and adhere to the moral bottom line of the society.

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