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What suggestions do you have for the brand planning of Maotai Town liquor?

At present, the vast majority of the liquor industry uses its brewing process as the core value of the product, but for consumers, this core value is relatively vague, and there is no uniform standard for the brewing process, so it will also cause confusion.

Opinion leaders guide quality

Instead of defining the quality of baijiu with something that is invisible and intangible, such as the brewing process, it is better to create opinion leaders as a guarantee for the quality of baijiu, such as national winemakers, national wine tasters and so on.Consumers often have a herd mentality. They buy what others buy, and others think which one is good, and they will feel that this is not bad. They are blind to a certain extent and lack their own ability to identify, so if there are professionals who are interested in liquor Strict quality control and strict inspection can establish a brand image in the minds of consumers and enhance their trust.

The slogan reflects the brand spirit

Liquor in the domestic market often reflects a cultural symbol, and the culture reflected on the one hand is the culture of wine as a product, and on the other hand, it reflects the brand culture of the enterprise.If the spirit of enterprise excellence, advocating quality, and self-improvement, which is full of positive energy, is integrated into the brand culture and reflected in the slogan, it not only promotes the wine, but also promotes the enterprise, allowing consumers to establish a positive attitude towards the enterprise. Trust, in this way, the products launched later will also get twice the result with half the effort in terms of publicity.

Product classification precision marketing

EachBrandsAll kinds of liquor will have different grades, and their target consumers and occasions are also different.Drinks and gatherings with friends on weekdays are definitely different from banquets and gifts.According to different consumer groups, it is divided into different categories, and the specifications, degrees and flavors of the products are also subdivided.According to the grade of the product, the packaging design and precise marketing are carried out separately; from small shops on the street to high-end shopping malls, all-round and three-dimensional products can be used to better seize the market.

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