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I want to get some clients what brand marketing can do

An old friend that I haven't contacted for a long time asked a question today, how to get customers?While coping with the epidemic at home, we are all thinking about the future.

Friend: I'm doing consulting now, you can help me with marketing

米国生活: What kind of consultation?

Friends: Ability Description

1. The standardization and sorting out before the IPO of US stocks and Hong Kong stocks are familiar to domestic A shares, including intermediaries in various capital markets; 2. Top-level design of finance; 3. Various sectors of management accounting 4. Compliance with financial accounting, I I am also a CPA in the United States. 5. I have worked with UFIDA on the digital transformation of enterprises, including the planning and implementation of financial middle-office. I am a specially hired financial consultant for UFIDA. 6. I have managed BI in an Internet company and learned big data algorithms myself. Therefore, he has unique insights into data analysis combined with financial analysis.I think my 5 and 6 are not available for financial personnel, and they are also the direction of financial transformation in the future. We can do consulting or financial personnel training.

米国生活: Marketing steps

According to my experience, first of all, technical capabilities are transformed into products, corresponding to corresponding customers, such as training, small and medium-sized enterprises, 1 a day, and medium and large enterprises, 80 consulting services a year, and should standardize their products and services , and find the corresponding customer groups, at the same time, find the competitors in the same industry, analyze the pros and cons, and give customers reasons to buy your order; secondly, create your own corresponding brand image, that is, others can search and see that you are doing this Yes, experienced, endorsed by cases, reputable, and has a long-term unchanged service scope, which can guarantee customer service; then, you can create traffic, website, public account, Douyin, live broadcast, etc. It works, but the workload is also quite large, so you can find a starting point, do it first, use profits to develop, and develop in a snowball manner.

Friend: what can your company do for me?

米国生活: Main advantage service

The first part, product, service, and market analysis, is a very professional content that needs to be done by ourselves. What we can do is to analyze the online presence of competitors in this industry, aiming at the excellent ones, learning and surpassing them, and gaining access to the Internet (mainly is a customer of Baidu);
In the second part, we can build an online brand image, the packaging is the same, of course, the premise is brand thinking, trademark applications must keep up with the brand, and the brand side needs to prepare the corresponding slogans and brand stories (UF consultants, etc. can be incorporated into it), make your content easy to be remembered by the market, publish it on the Internet through websites, word of mouth, and news, and continue to optimize it.
The third part, in terms of content creation, we have insufficient energy and no room for profit. A company with a little more perfection needs the support of a small team such as planning, design, and video post-production. Therefore, our current method of increasing traffic is mainly SEO. , Website optimization, publishing, posting videos, advertisements, belong to the content of network marketing promotion.
Be a brand, apply for a trademark, stay online, this is an online asset.For freelancers or senior people, it will be used sooner or later, but if you did this 20 years ago, it was a period of Internet dividends, and now it is a period of Internet explosion, and you can't do it without the Internet.Find customers, manage customers, and operate your own private domain traffic.
Finally, if you need financial consulting related services, you can leave a message.

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