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Thinking backwards, what kind of brands do consumers like?

What do consumers like about brands?For a long time, we have thought about the enterprise from the perspective of making the enterprise steadily stronger.Brand BuildingHow to carry out the reform, thinking from the perspective of the enterprise, can make the brand more prominent in the same industry, but it may not become the most popular brand among consumers. From the perspective of analysis, what should the brand they want look like?

Brand positioning that consumers prefer

Whether it is from a business perspective or from a consumer perspective, positioning is essential.When I usually go to the shopping mall, have I heard a nearby lady muttering, "The color of this dress is too bright for me," or an aunt said, "This color is bright, and the photo is beautiful."In the past, people would think that young people would choose bright colors to show their youth and liveliness, while older people would choose darker colors to reflect stability and grandeur. This is positioning, but the times are different. , people's needs will also change. When enterprises are positioning their brands, they must first conduct market research to understand the needs of your target customers, and see what products and brands they need from their perspective, and then Position your own products.

brand design

For a brand or a product, the first thing that comes into the eyes of consumers is its appearance—that is, its packaging and logo.When a company puts a brand or product on the market, it will definitely shape and package its image design uniquely.But also pay attention, what kind of thinking do consumers think when they see the packaging?For example: If the packaging is too gorgeous, it may lead consumers to think that it is a high-priced product and keep away from it. If it is too simple, it will inevitably be despised by consumers.How to make products attract the attention of consumers without causing cognitive bias is a problem that enterprises should seriously consider when designing product packaging or brand image.

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brand slogan

The brand slogan conveys the core value of the corporate brand. Thousands of words are condensed into one sentence to convey the value and benefits that the enterprise can provide to consumers. Therefore, this sentence must be concise and comprehensive.For consumers, the same is true. A brand slogan with considerable connotative value can make consumers realize the mission of reflecting the corporate brand, thereby generating goodwill and interest, and then attracting consumers to visit and understand the functions and benefits of the product, and ultimately Make a purchase.

Brand Marketing Promotion Program

The shrewdness of today's consumers is that you only need to say a word to him, and he may know that you are selling something to him. Therefore, it is useless to deliberately hide the motive when re-branding. Therefore, compared with offline promotion, online promotion can not only convey the content in a timely, accurate and intuitive manner, but also save time, manpower and financial costs.
Products are ultimately to serve consumers, and brand building is also to enable brands to penetrate into consumers' hearts, so companies may wish to approach consumers, look at problems from their perspective, and satisfy consumers' needs. will be "shelved".

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