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Brand Marketing×米国生活= customer conversion

Brand marketing is a marketing method that companies choose or will choose in business competition, and brand marketing outsourcing is also born, becoming a business tool that companies can choose, and a brand new business thinking.
Brand marketing outsourcing means that the enterprise entrusts the marketing activities of the corporate brand, including but not limited to: channel development, channel management, brand building and other activities, to an external agency with specialized marketing skills and network services.Enterprises only need to monitor and regulate the whole process in terms of strategy, so that enterprises can focus their internal core capabilities on key areas such as product research and development, brand management, etc., and then obtain more returns on brand value.
米国生活As a professional brand marketing company, I believe it will become a good choice for enterprises to carry out brand marketing plans.
Our thinking:
1. Provide suggestions on product design
Design the product the way the user likes it, not the way the boss likes it.The quality of a product is not what the boss says, but what the market says. So even if the boss is inclined to his own ideas, if you want to enter the market, your own words are not enough. You need to do market research in the early stage to understand The needs of users, so that the needs of users are taken into account in product design, and the product can also be more in line with user expectations.
2. The selling point of embedding emotions in the experience
Perhaps the selling point of the product provided is not part of the core experience of the product, but implanting emotions in marketing can effectively resonate with consumers and stimulate purchases.
3. Guide word-of-mouth communication
The product is good, the word of mouth is naturally good, but good word of mouth needs to be spread to attract more traffic, and the increase in traffic and the increase in conversion rate are natural things.
4. Improve product solutions
After the product has been put into the market for a period of time, the user will be further investigated. The direction of the preliminary investigation is the user's preferences and expectations, while the later investigation is more focused on the user's feelings and suggestions after using the product.It is impossible for a product to meet the needs of everyone, but if users generally reflect that the product has deficiencies, then the product needs to be improved. "There is no best. There is only better."
5, 6, 7 Interests form purchase → share → inspire others to purchase interest
The reason why 5, 6, and 7 should be written together is because since then, a cycle has been formed. The product stimulates the user's interest to form a purchase, and after the user's purchase, it will trigger word-of-mouth communication, which in turn stimulates the interest of others. , and then form a purchase, and so on and so forth, to achieve the ultimate goal of brand marketing: consumer purchases.

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