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What is the relationship between brand, product and enterprise?

Companies are paying more and more attention to branding, but what is branding in the end?But it's easy to get confused.For example: brand and product, brand and enterprise, etc... This chapter will explain the relationship between brand, enterprise and product.

The relationship between brand and business

Some companies have the same name as the brand, but the brand is not a company. The company is the investor and operator of the brand, the decision-making and support behind the scenes, and the brand facing the market and consumers.

An enterprise can have many different products, and these different products can be made into different brands, or they can be made into a unified brand.But whether it is a product or multiple products, as long as it belongs to a brand, it must follow the core values ​​of the brand.

For example: Douyin is a brand, its short video APP is a product, and its company/enterprise name is ByteDance XXX Company. The brand name and company name can be the same or have nothing to do with each other.

Another example: BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. The brand is BMW. Of course, China is only a trading company and management company. The manufacturing company is located in Munich, Germany. The name of the factory is: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, abbreviated as BMW, Bayerische Bavaria , Motoren engine, Werke factory, AG: Aktien Gesellschaft (=joint stock company) [German] joint stock company, so the company name and brand name can be related, but BMW has acquired Mini, so Mini is also a sub-brand of BMW.

The relationship between enterprise, brand and product

The relationship between brands, businesses, products -米国生活
The operation of an enterprise is based on the production of products (products and services), which is the fundamental feature of the enterprise's role as "supply" in the supply and demand relationship in the commercial economy.Businesses or institutions that do not offer physical products are either financial or scams.

The brand is based on the product and the carrier, and presents the specific attributes of different other products when meeting the needs of consumers, so as to realize the uniqueness and uniqueness of the brand.When we talk about a brand, we must know the product category of this brand. For example, the product category of the BMW brand is cars, and the characteristic that we think of is driving pleasure.

Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT
The commonality of enterprises and brands is products, and various activities focusing on products.An enterprise is a series of activities in which products are produced by managing employees and using enterprise management methods; a brand is a series of activities in which products are sold by marketing consumers and using marketing methods.And in these activities, based on the values, the corporate culture and brand culture are formed and perfected.


"米国生活"The brand is米国生活The main brand of (Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., our main brand is the same as the corporate name, and it is the brand we use for the market, because the initial focus is easy to produce brand effects, the enterprise energy is limited, the growth rate is limited, and it is professional to serve customers. The production capacity of the company is limited, so we can only decide the brand first. We provide brand marketing technology services and project management services (products and services are collectively referred to asproduct).And our sub-brand, Miandan/Miandan plan, is to provide social/public welfare related services. At present, due to the stage of energy and market analysis, we are not in a hurry to develop sub-brand business.Of course, the relationship between the main brand and the sub-brand is basically a father-son/brother (eldest brother is like a father) relationship.

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The integrity, quality, reliability and service shown by the brand enhance trust between enterprises and between enterprises and end customers, increase the speed of circulation, and deeply stimulate economic development.

To make a brand, an enterprise cannot do without brand building, and the first step in brand building is to clarify the core value of the brand.The core value of a brand is not defined by the enterprise or the market, but by consumers. What kind of image and concept the brand has established in the minds of consumers, then these are the generalizations of the core value of the brand.The core value of the brand also determines the value of the product. Whether consumers buy it or not depends on the image of the brand in the eyes of consumers.

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米国生活Focus on brand marketing planning, brand consulting, Internet marketing promotion, brand optimization - brand voice communication - brand reputation improvement,Website Optimization SEO, the website is the identity ID of the company on the Internet, the brand is the name on the Internet, the website design is the avatar of the Internet identity, the industry where the company was first founded is the ancestral home, the current industry is the hukou, the time of establishment is the date of birth, and the company is in operation. The difficulties encountered are life experiences, but a good brand story also needs to be carefully summarized and written carefully.
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