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Did you bring the goods live today?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many companies have already resumed work, but neither the market environment nor the future direction of the company is clear. Faced with this problem, I would like to ask weakly, have you brought the goods live today?
Small video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Volcano are now in a pandemic trend, and live streaming is an emerging online marketing method. Many Internet celebrities have made a lot of money by live streaming and even earning After owning a few houses, some people rely on food and broadcasting to open up the sales of their aquatic products, so why don't companies try to rely on the platform provided by the small video website to promote and market their own companies or products?
Webcasting has many advantages:
1. Free
There must be a lot of people who are excited when they hear the word "free", so it is better to take action, and quickly register an account to accumulate fans.Small video provides a free platform, so compared to advertising marketing, which requires upfront investment, small video is much more friendly to small and medium-sized enterprises or companies with limited funds.
2. Small footprint
Many physical products, no matter the size, need to occupy a certain amount of space, and sometimes even rent a warehouse. When conducting offline marketing, it is inevitable to move products and rent venues. If you bring goods through small video live broadcasts, you can completely omit these tasks. You can do everything at home without even having to go out.For people working from home or still under quarantine restrictions, this approach is more suitable for the current situation.
3. Attract a specific audience
More traffic, but not necessarily more conversions, and sometimes even ignore potential customers in order to deal with "curious" customers, and even lose.People who watch small videos will only be attracted by what they are interested in, so if most of the people who find you because of watching your live broadcast have actual needs, the next step is to improve the user experience (that is, Pre-sale, after-sale service) conversion rate is improved properly!

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