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What brand marketing solution is Brand Funnel BOO?

4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand funnel
BOO contains elements:BrandsBrand,the InternetOnline,optimizationOptimization.
4P contains elements: official website/product/Product, to promoteSale, heard/know/familiar with the brand/Place,selling price/Price.
brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.The concept of the brand funnel refers to the sales funnel. After the author's original experience as an ordinary user outside the brand marketing industry more than ten years ago, using the Internet to find reliable product/service providers, and in the current business environment, users generally have "comparisons". The habit of three families, combining米国生活A summary of experience in serving customers defines this concept.

brand value

When customers come, let them come and go;

Customers consume, let them love without regrets.

BOOSEO brand marketing implementation plan

The implementation of the BOO scheme mainly includes the following steps:

Preparation of brand communication materials

It is necessary to carry out brand analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, and customer demand analysis to determine the main content and production methods required for brand communication.The relevant capability models mainly involve: strategic analysis, macro-environmental analysis, enterprise management, etc.

Brand Communication Channel Screening

The dissemination and promotion of brand information is mainly based on Internet channels in this solution, including existing Internet channels and changing Internet channels.Existing Internet channels include: website, encyclopedia, news media, self-media, WeChat, Weibo, forum, Tieba, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Know, Sina iAsk, Zhihu, Haohao Video/Small Video, Tencent Video/Small Video, iQIYI Video/Small Video, Youku Video/Small Video, Xiaohongshu Articles/Small Video, Douyin, Mini Programs, Bidding Ads, News Feed Ads, etc.; the optional Internet channels in the change are: Baidu News, Baidu Notes , Baidu hot discussion, Baidu professional Q&A, Baidu others are still searching, vertical media homepage recommendation, etc.The relevant competency models mainly involve: marketing theory, consumption/social psychology, brand strategy, etc.

Brand information optimization

Brand information optimization mainly includes two aspects:

  1. Brand positive information and brand leading voice information optimization;
  2. Brand negative information suppression and negative information avoidance methods.

The process of brand information optimization is mainly realized through technical means, including related technologies of the working principle of search engines, related technologies of website construction and website analysis, related technologies of search engine optimization, identification technologies of unconventional operations, etc., and at the same time, it needs to be supplemented with relevant knowledge of brand operation. , legal knowledge, public relations knowledge, etc.The relevant capability models mainly involve: computer information and science, project management, law, brand public relations, operation management, etc.
The implementation of the BOO scheme mainly includes the following work:

service items task 工作 内容 Remarks
Strategy and Reporting project communication Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual custom made
brand information dissemination Baidu library release and optimization 1. Content writing and publishing; SEO means to optimize the ranking of information;
2. The direction planning is as follows:
Customers can see:
Posted links or screenshots;
Client is not visible:
Optimized process, technical operation.
Baidu Knows Release and Optimization
Baidu Post Bar Operation
Word-of-mouth Q&A release and optimization
Forum release and optimization
Baidu image optimization
News release and optimization
Other dynamic releases/optimizations
Manuscript/Q&A writing
Content planning
Brand official website optimization business word optimization Improve keyword rankings, maintain the ability to attract new products within the scope of industry business, endorse products by third-party word-of-mouth, link relationships with larger brands, and convey your own brand voice. Define KPIs, measure KPIs by optimizing results
Product word/product word-of-mouth optimization
Business/brand question word optimization
Brand long tail keyword optimization
Negative public opinion suppression Negative information optimization and suppression The existing public opinion guidance on the first three pages of brand keywords plays a positive role.
Negative search items on the first three pages of keywords sink; drop-down, related and recommended for you, other people are still searching the home page search page results maintenance.
Define KPIs, achieve negative suppression through optimized technology, and assist in public relations processing.
Negative information public relations handling
Baidu related/drop-down optimization
Others are still searching for optimization
Handling of Unfair Competition Communication

Tools and methods in the process of brand marketing optimization

This chapter uses inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs to illustrate the work process involved in brand optimization.

The process of judging the difficulty of brand optimization

Optimization Difficulty Factor-Brand Optimization-米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
Trademark Inquiry:
米国生活Currently starting withBrand MarketingAs the main research direction, trademarks are the basic conditions for brand protection. Only enterprises with trademarks or applying for trademarks can become米国生活Service objects, otherwise, the optimization process will encounter difficulties in safeguarding intellectual property rights and trademark rights, and even in the current business environment, there is still the risk of being squatted on trademarks, and the brand value may be married to those who use illegal means. Clothes.
Search index query:
The Baidu search index roughly reflects the number/frequency of searches for the word. The higher the search index, the more people or times searching, the higher the user demand, and the lower the search index, which means the fewer people or times searching, and the greater the user demand. Low.
Baidu index query:
Baidu index volume is the total number of search keywords and keyword segmentation results that can be queried by Baidu index database. The number of business-related indexes affects the difficulty of keyword optimization, while the number of non-related business indexes has little effect.
Search results page analysis:
Various information appearing on the search result page represents the information rules of the keyword ranking. Under the current rules, optimization methods that conform to the rules are used to try to obtain the desired optimization results.
Expert judgment:
According to the experience of brand Internet marketing promotion and optimization, combined with the relevant knowledge of experts in the fields of technology, marketing, management, public relations, SEO, etc., the cognitive ability of experts is used to assist in judging the difficulty of optimization.

The process of judging the difficulty of website optimization

Judging the difficulty of website optimization-brand optimization-米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
Webmaster Tools:
The webmaster's home Chinaz is a webmaster analysis tool that webmasters usually use, including keyword difficulty analysis, competitor website analysis, website speed testing, etc.; 5118 webmaster tools are websites that develop rapidly in terms of content, including hot words Analysis, ranking monitoring, industry thesaurus, index and SEM historical prices, content planning, ranking estimates, and more.
Long tail word extension/digging word:
Through the webmaster tool, you can quickly expand the long-tail words and word clouds on the website. For example, the following picture shows the word cloud effect of mining related words for brand marketing. The larger the font, the higher the relevance and the higher the number of occurrences. many.
Brand - word cloud mining -米国生活

Website compliance filing process

Website Compliance Process - Brand Optimization -米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the record:
The filing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is mainly to complete the filing of the domestic website of the server. The filing website is The filing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is a prerequisite for the promotion of website bidding advertisements.
Ministry of Public Security for the record:
The Ministry of Public Security filing is mainly to convey to customers that our business is a legitimate business and to actively accept the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security. The filing website is:
Operational ICP filing:
Operational ICP filing requires more procedures and requires a certain number of employees to pay social security records; this filing is a prerequisite for transactions on websites, such as e-commerce platforms.

Website optimization process

Website optimization-brand optimization-米国生活
Search Engine OptimizationBrief description of tools and techniques:
Website speed, bandwidth, CDN configuration, domain name resolution speed, cache settings, server high concurrent access stability, website security detection, Gizp compression, js, css file compression, image object storage, page code analysis/page access time analysis;
Industry competitor data analysis, weight, traffic, keywords, ranking, page marketing methods and advantage analysis;
Website structure analysis, page layout analysis, Australia, UK secondary column page analysis, keyword layout analysis, keyword density analysis, TDK inspection and optimization, meta tags, H tags, alt tags, nofollow tags and other html elements optimization, spider analysis , 404 analysis, 301 analysis;
Keyword mining, traffic keywords and business conversion keyword analysis, internal chain construction, dead chain mining, external chain construction, alliance construction, external optimization;
SEO routine practices, cost-effective off-site drainage methods (such as Q&A, Baidu Know, Tianya Forum, Sina AiQ), auxiliary conversion information (such as encyclopedia, news, video, small video communication, Weibo, WeChat private domain operation);
Keyword traffic and ranking results monitoring, data analysis and optimization details adjustment.

Brand Content Production Process

Brand Strategy Content Planning-Brand Optimization-米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
4P Marketing Theory:
The 4P theory is a marketing theory namely: Product, Price, Place, Promotion; whichever is the first letter, means product, price, channel, promotion.米国生活Understand the product (Product), which has been described in the word brand above.The author believes that price is a tool to define product user groups. Products in the same segment have high prices to target high-end people, and low prices to target low-end people. This price is not a price strategy, and it is not a way to induce customers to raise prices and lower prices.Channels are sales paths, online or offline, Tmall or, self-operated stores or partner stores, and米国生活The channel focused on optimization is the official website of the brand.Promoted in米国生活Its main business is online brand promotion, such as websites, encyclopedias, questions and answers, videos, news, pictures, etc., through advertising, paid promotion, information release, and network optimization to increase brand communication, focus on brand voice, and improve Conversion of customer purchase rate. The 4Ps are not a one-off relationship in a plane, but a three-dimensional cyclical relationship. For example, in website construction (Promotion), we need to understand the brand's product (Product), deploy specific keywords (Place) and submit it to search Engine, reach the specified customer and define the appropriate price (Price). .
Refer to historical cases, peer cases, and excellent cases, and define the target article or Q&A content framework by analogy.
Through the team members expressing their opinions, colliding with each other's sparks of ideas, and exerting their creativity, they can help solve the problems of single content, fixed brand direction and lack of innovation in content.
Keyword layout:
Carry out SEO layout of the article through the idea of ​​SEO, and reasonably allocate the title and article keyword density.

Brand content dissemination process

Brand Strategy Content Communication-Brand Optimization-米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
Channel release:
Content is released through mature release channels and release methods in the market.
Keyword Deployment:
Continuous deployment of scalable keywords on the original article content, especially keyword deployment of images and videos.
External chain deployment:
After the content is published, it is still necessary to configure corresponding optimization methods. External links and other optional optimization methods are essential work to achieve the optimization goal.
Content related:
The context of the content is米国生活On the basis of the previous idea of ​​optimizing and focusing on brand information, and under the guidance of the idea of ​​continuous improvement, it is believed that there is still room for correlation between the published contents, so that the published information can be secondary disseminated in other publishing channels.

Brand optimization process

Brand Optimization Process -米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
Search engine algorithm research:
The search engine algorithm has been changing and has not changed. Only by mastering the unchanging core algorithm can we calmly deal with its ever-changing and ever-changing phenomena.
Algorithm adaptation:
By studying the search engine algorithm and adjusting the optimization method adaptively, a better optimization effect can be obtained.
Expert judgment:
By judging various information such as Baidu search index, network information, competitors, and environmental analysis, the optimization strategy can be adjusted appropriately.

Negative information suppression process

Negative information suppression process-brand funnel optimization-米国生活
Tools and Tech Notes:
content analysis:
Through the content of negative information, judge the source of negative information, and identify whether it is a real customer or a competitor, so as to judge.
technical analysis:
Through the negative page information re-check, page code inspection, determine the negative source and technical processing method.
Analogy analysis:
Through the processing historical results of negative information, the solution is adapted to the same type of negative.
Public opinion handling:
Sudden public opinion information requires more detailed data for judgment, or the cooperation of public opinion monitoring tools.
According to the process experience of BOO-SEO public opinion processing, we divide the processing process into six steps, "monitoring-discovery-judgment-processing-repair-improvement". Report to the customer, prepare preliminary and long-term solutions through comprehensive research and judgment of technology and business, and fix them through the release of public opinion manuscripts after processing according to the solutions, and improve the loopholes or deficiencies found in the brand operation process. Write a new process..

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