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What is the key to brand marketing planning?

With the fierce competition in the international environment and the increasing pressure of people's normal production, as well as the establishment of China Brand Day, small and medium-sized enterprises are also paying more and more attention to brands, trying to stand out in the industry segment in business operations.Brand Marketing Planningincreasingly important role.

The purpose of brand marketing planning

There are two main purposes of brand marketing planning:

Refinement, packaging brand characteristics, brand image, brand characteristics, brand connotation

Generally speaking, in Western management, brands mainly serve for the sale of products. In order to accumulate the time value of products and achieve the effect of strong and continuous expansion of the brand, it is easy to identify and remember through the brand name/brand logo, and through brand marketing In this way, the products reach customers, make detailed positioning in subdivided industries through brand characteristics, realize brand perception confirmation for customers through consumer experience and consumption, and realize the accumulation of private domain traffic through brand operation.

From the wisdom of the ancients, some of our actions are human beings, no matter what kind of pharmacy, or a private school that teaches Taoism, or a century-old brand of delicacies, wine, or the three principles and five constants, all from the inside to the outside, even the defeated generals. Whether to kill or surrender, Cao Cao captured Lu Bu and captured Zhang Liao, not looking at the result of standing in line, but the character of the character displayed throughout the process of serving the superior as a courtier - loyalty, as the saying goes, the road is invisible.This is just the opposite of the entry point of Western management. One is from the inside out, and the other is from the outside to the inside; the outside is the surface, not the root, and the inside is the cause, but the root.

To understand through the combination of Chinese and WesternBrandsThe connotation of the brand can give full play to the advantages of Chinese culture. At the same time, the external reference of Western management science can better find the characteristics of the brand.

Market the brand's products into the hands of consumers and make consumers rely on them

The sales process of branded products is a process of user accumulation, allowing customers to repeatedly consume and form necessities for production and life, rather than a one-time behavior of selling products.

To be a good brand is to be a gentleman. By building a brand image, standardizing brand behavior, and conveying a brand voice, a good brand experience is finally formed and a good user ecology is maintained.

It is a hypocrite to only act like a brand and increase sales through the appearance of a brand, but provide inferior products and services.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand marketing planning strategies are divided into core strategies, offline strategies, and online strategies.米国生活Mainly doing online brand marketing, it is an online brand network marketing strategy based on the brand core strategy, which is mainly realized through the brand marketing funnel.

Brand Marketing - BOO - Brand Funnel

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