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Is click depth a Google ranking factor?

What is Click Depth and can it help you rank higher in Google search results?Site sizes can vary from a few pages to millions of pages.

For the uninitiated, all pages on a website are equally important and anyone searching online should be able to find them.

However, click depth plays a role in helping or preventing people from finding information.So is this a Google ranking factor?

Disclaimer: Click Depth as a Ranking Factor

Click depth is the number of clicks it takes to go from a home page on a website to another page.

We can assign numerical values ​​to different pages on the site based on their distance from the home page.

Homepage can be assigned 0.Any page linked on the home page has a depth value of 1.Any links on the 1 page will have a value of 2.Any link on the 2 page will be a 3, and so on.

It is said that pages with lower click depth values ​​tend to rank higher in search results.

Evidence of click depth as a ranking factor

In a 2018 Google Webmaster Central Hangout, John Mueller explicitly addressed the issue of click depth.

He is careful to say that Google pays little attention to how easy it is to find content on a given site.If the home page is the strongest page on a site, then Google gives one-click pages a little more weight in search results than multiple-click pages, he said.

This makes sense for what we know about search engine crawlers.

Selesti's Brendan Bennett says it's unlikely that Google's web crawler will click through pages three times from the home page (unless your site is considered very authoritative).This means that pages with more than three clicks may not be indexed by Google, attract organic traffic, or rank.

Botify recommends targeting the most strategic pages at a depth of no more than 5, but each site will vary by crawl and PageRank.

Google's PageRank algorithm determines the value of a web page by determining the number and quality of pages linking to that page.

While PageRank can use the merits of other sites referencing related pages, internal PageRank is the ranking of pages within a given site.

On most websites, the home page is the most linked and valuable page, and the most authoritative.

Pages linked directly from the home page are generally considered more important and will receive the most link equity.As the link moves further and further away from the homepage, the likelihood of a ranking boost decreases.

Click Depth as a Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

Click depth can be a ranking factor.But even if it is, it may not make or break your rankings.

What's more important here is that you consider the user experience and make sure that everything is easily accessible to website visitors.

Our verdict was ultimately based on Mueller's cautious comments about the relative importance of click depth.

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