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Brand creative planning case analysis and its development stage

After planning the target image and communication method of the brand, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive creativity according to the design requirements of the brand image and the characteristics of the communication method, so as to successfully shape the brand image in the target market.Comprehensive creativity is the creative design of every detail and content in the brand communication process. The creativity must be able to accurately express the intention of the brand image design, and it must be perceived and recognized by the vast majority of target consumers. Therefore, , Comprehensive creativity is actually a very important job that affects the communication effect of the brand image, and it is the soul of brand marketing planning, so it should be scientifically planned.

Creative case study

Creativity is deliberate innovation, flexibility, and freedom from constraints.Therefore, there is no fixed format for creativity. The essence of creativity is "smart", and a small inspiration can create a world-class brand.For example, the American beverage brand "Coca_cola" has set its brand name in China as "Coca-Cola", which is both connotative and homophonic, both pleasant and memorable. This has also become a very important factor for the success of "Coca-Cola" in China. Another example: "Huiren" Shenbao's classic advertising slogan: "Drink Huiren Shenbao, he is good, I am also good", a short advertising slogan, not only very aptly explained the main effect of the product , but also meaningful and tasteful, it is a masterpiece of creativity.

However, creativity is not free-wheeling and random thoughts. Creativity must also follow certain principles. The most fearful thing about creativity is "chaos". If there is no theme, and it goes against the original intention, it is not a good idea.The comprehensive creativity in brand marketing planning is the creativity of the comprehensive content and process in brand marketing activities. Its task is to successfully display the image of the brand according to the requirements of brand image design. Therefore, the theme of comprehensive creativity must conform to To successfully shape a brand image, creative activities must be centered on how to successfully shape a brand image, otherwise the entire marketing campaign will be ineffective or even counterproductive.For example, there are many TV commercials that always make people feel inexplicable. After watching it for a long time, they don’t know what they are talking about. After a few years, they have not left a deep impression on people, because the theme is not very clear and the scene is chaotic. .

The embodiment of creativity is not only the transmission of ideas, but also a kind of deep cultural communication, so that specific groups of people can well accept its essence in a cheerful, willing and active atmosphere. Entrepreneur's Wisdom Choice", "Love Life, Love Lafang" and other creative phrases.

creative development stage

product planning

Customers need high-quality and low-cost products, so the main marketing planning work of enterprises is to focus on improving products, not paying attention to customer needs and wishes, and ignoring marketing work in distribution, promotion, etc., which leads to the emergence of new technologies and alternatives. , the company's products appear unsalable.

Promotional planning

In the era of popularization, commodities are more abundant, and the focus of enterprises in marketing planning is how to promote their own products. Therefore, each enterprise has set up sales personnel and formulated an incentive system to encourage sales personnel to sell more products, and at the same time use advertising wars and price wars to stimulate consumption. Consumer demand, regardless of consumer likes and satisfaction.

System Marketing Planning

With the continuous development of the economy and changes in consumer demand, popular commodities are not recognized by consumers. Therefore, the focus of corporate marketing planning is to continuously analyze consumer psychology and behavioral characteristics, and conduct market segmentation. A series of systematic means such as distribution and promotion to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

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