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Negative public opinion to deal with "three musts" and "three nos"

How to deal with negative public opinion and what to do?What not to do?How to deal with it?These are all crucial to the image of a business, and SEO is the technical solution.and manyBrandsWhen negative public opinion occurs, the first thing to think about is whether you can find a supplier that Baidu cooperates with to delete related search items, others are still searching, Baidu pull-down and other related search items, which is a wrong solution, and you should avoid trying to use such unfamiliar items. Justified behavior, whether it is Baidu search negative public opinion or Google search negative public opinion suppression, should let the negative public opinion return to the facts, see through the essence, and deal with it correctly.

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Negative public opinion to deal with "three essentials"

communicate proactively

After the negative public opinion of an emergency occurs, the problem cannot be avoided, and it is necessary to investigate quickly and communicate actively.If the problem revealed on the Internet is true, it should sincerely accept the criticism and solve it in a timely manner to resolve the negative public opinion.

to be properly cooled

After negative public opinion appears, try to avoid blame, so as not to trigger further hype.However, if the reports and leaks are one-sided and inaccurate, causing great adverse effects, we cannot remain silent. Instead, we should communicate with the whistleblower in a timely manner, request corrections or delete posts, and release information to refute rumors to eliminate adverse effects.

Positive publicity at the right time

Regarding negative online reports and revelations, we must promptly express our attitude and position, and we must choose the right time to carry out various activities that are conducive to shaping a positive image, and guide public opinion to develop in a favorable direction.

Negative public opinion to deal with "three nos"

don't get angry

When negative reports and revelations appear, remember not to blindly anger and blame, such blame will not help, and will not make the negative public opinion better.Making a fuss will only further intensify the conflict, but will not change the image.The only way to resolve conflicts is to be calm and reasonable, and to present the facts.

Don't be tough

The public generally trusts the media and sympathizes with the whistleblowers when they do not understand the truth.At this time, the company's seemingly righteous and tough stance will not convince the public, but will feel irresponsible, causing resentment and intensifying contradictions.Therefore, even if the report is inaccurate and the revelations are false, the problem should be handled according to legal and reasonable means.

Don't fight the media

When emergencies occur, in the face of the supervision and reporting of media reporters, criticism and crackdowns will only arouse greater resistance from the media and arouse the public's sympathy for the media.The media is not the enemy. We must pay attention to establishing cooperative relations with the media. When encountering negative public opinion, we can also use the media's public opinion influence to guide the direction of public opinion.

Google's Negative Public Opinion Key

Because Google search engine has withdrawn from mainland China, it mainly conducts searches overseas, and its search behavior is mainly for user groups who can access overseas networks. However, Google search engine cannot be fully optimized by mainland optimization channels, and its optimization method is affected by If there are restrictions, the more accurate response to the current situation of brand word search is GoogleNegative public opinion suppressionkey.

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