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What is PR?How does the brand PR?

PRPublic relations is a social relationship between a social organization and the part of the public that constitutes its living environment and affects its survival and development. The science of building a good relationship between organizations.

PR history

The concept of public relations first appeared in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. The first person to use this concept was an American journalist, Ivy Lee. In 1904, Ivy Lee used the term Public Relations to describe the concept of public relations, which was later shortened to PR, which is short for public relations.Etiquette expert Jin Zhengkun believes that the concept of public relations is better translated into public relations.In fact, in Hong Kong and Macau, people call it public relations. In 1907, the United States "Webster's New Ninth Edition University Dictionary" Public Relations referred to as "PR".
The term "public relations" first appeared in an 1807 address to Congress by US President Thomas Jefferson.According to Edward Bernays definition,Public relations is a management function: developing policies and procedures to gain public understanding and acceptance.Public relations is a social relationship between a social organization and the part of the public that constitutes its living environment and affects its survival and development.Public relations is a social organization in order to survive and develop, communicate through communication, shape image, balance interests, coordinate relations,Optimize the psychosocial environment, A science and art that affects the public.

PR factor

A concept, a short transition period, successful companies have many clever strategies for crisis public relations, these strategies are the "conspiracy" of crisis public relations.The technical means of corporate crisis public relations cannot be measured by one or two days or money. It is a strategy and a planned concept.Not important, the important thing is that corporate crisis public relations have a certain ability to help companies deal with the crisis.

PR strategy

(1)Press Release / Press Release: through the organization itself网站, Influential portal website or combined with traditional media to send news to implement network public relations.through traditional mediadistribute newsAt the same time, they should pay more attention to establishing friendly relations with journalists. The principle is to be open and honest and become an effective source of information they can rely on, because it is easier for journalists to use the Internet to find out whether the information published by the organization is true.
(2)Word of mouth/forum/post bar/zhihu marketing: Forum is a widely used information exchange tool on the Internet. Whether it is a public browsing method or a strictly managed remote login method, it has a special communication function for public relations.The first is the information release function, both organizations and audiences can release information through BBS; the second is the non-real-time discussion function.Organizations can write the information to be published into articles, and publish them in the corresponding discussion area of ​​BBS in a more organized and complete way; finally, there is a real-time discussion function, where the organization can communicate with the public in real time in the "chat area" to pull in the organization and the public. the distance between.A piece of news remains in the forum's news bank for a long time, and choosing to post news on a forum relevant to the organization can have benefits for up to several years.
(3)We Media/Weibo: Through Weibo, WeChat official account, Douyin, etc. to manage their own brand products, brand information, and assist in shaping the brand image.
(4)E-mail: Personalized emails add a human touch and enable one-to-one communication.
(5)Video/Short Video/Live/Mini Program: Disseminate brand information through new technological forms.
(6)Ads: Advertising is the most direct and fastest dissemination channel, as long as there is enough funds, it can spread quickly.

4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand marketing funnel
The picture above is米国生活Brand Funnel Definition

Online crisis public relations handling - characteristics of crisis public relations monitoring system

(XNUMX) Targeting at the public
(XNUMX) For the purpose of reputation
(XNUMX) Based on the principle of reciprocity
(XNUMX) Taking a long-term approach
(XNUMX) Take sincerity as the creed
(XNUMX) By means of communication

Public relations consists of three elements: social organizations, the public, and communication.

Public relations is a social organization in order to survive and develop, communicate through communication, shape image, balance interests, coordinate relations,Optimize the psychosocial environment, Science and art that affects the public.

PR classification

1. Communicative public relations
To carry out public relations work in interpersonal communication, the method is to carry out group communication and personal communication, which is the most widely used;
2. Publicity-oriented public relations
Use mass media and internal communication methods to carry out publicity work and establish a good organizational image;
3. Types of Tactical Public Relations Activities
4. Social public relations
Organizations use various social, public welfare and sponsored activities to create a good organizational image;
5. Service-oriented public relations
To provide high-quality services as the main means, the purpose is to gain social understanding and praise through practical actions, and to establish a good image;
6. Crisis public relations
Under the influence of the media environment and industry environment, corporate crises are inevitable, and crisis public relations aims to help companies solve the problems of crisis public relations;
7. Consultative public relations
Taking the collection of social information as the main code, and using the understanding of public opinion as a means to provide consultation for the organization's management and decision-making;
8. Constructive public relations
Specifically refers to the organization's efforts for organizational development;
9. Maintaining public relations
Social organizations are used to consolidate a good image during stable development.
10. Offensive PR
Social organizations take the initiative to establish and maintain a good image;
11. Defensive PR
A form of public relations activities adopted by social organizations to prevent their own public relations disorders.
12. Marketing public relations
Marketing with public relations tools as the main tool is public relations-oriented communication.

Public relations expertise

Main professional knowledge: Communication, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Sociology, Social Psychology, Principles of Public Relations, Practice and Cases of Public Relations, Principles of Advertising, Advertising Planning and Strategy, Advertising Design, CI Strategy, Corporate Culture, Leadership Science and Art, Organizational Behavior, Interpersonal Communication and Etiquette, Public Relations Writing (Chinese and English), Eloquence and Speech, Negotiation Skills, Social Research Methods, Computer Applications, Mass Media Studies, Film and Television Production, Photography, Communication Legal courses, communication ethics, aesthetics, international relations, western economics, linear algebra, calculus, computer culture foundation, college English, brand communication, etc.

A new model of PR

Network Mode PR

With the popularity of the Internet and the more and more frequent use of the Internet by the public, the Internet has a huge influence on the public opinion orientation of the society and the evaluation of public events.The Internet has become the first source of consumers' influence and evaluation on a certain brand or product, and information on the Internet spreads rapidly and can have a huge influence in a short period of time.Expand external publicity and establish corporate brand.The cost of online publicity is relatively low, and it is highly targeted and efficient. The role of online publicity is expanding, and it also plays an important role in promoting the formation of corporate reputation.
As a product of the development of the Internet, online public relations companies have mostly emerged in recent years, but it has to be said that due to the rapid expansion of the market, online public relations companies, especially domestic ones.Internet PRThe industry appears to be somewhat uneven and mixed.

News Mode PR

News public relations, also known as news marketing, is the purpose of product or corporate promotion in the form of news reports, which is a metaphysical high-level marketing method.The same is to convey product information to consumers. The publicity and boasting of advertisements may be annoying, while the expression of news and public relations is objective and fair.It can be said that press PR is an ingenious combination between public relations and marketing strategies.
The core of public relations is communication.The purpose of dissemination is to publicize the benign information of the enterprise, improve the reputation of the enterprise, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting product sales or shaping the enterprise brand.Excellent news and public relations have three levels of application: thinking innovation, brand communication and event marketing.Different levels of news PR applications will have different effects.

PR search engine

public relationshipSearch Engine Optimization(AbbreviatedPRSearch Engine Optimization, among which PR is the English abbreviation of public relations, and SEO is the English abbreviation of search engine optimization), which mainly shows that the Internet is used as a platform, according to the current situation of the enterprise, product characteristics and industry characteristics, comprehensive use of various network media resource platforms to rationalize corporate press releases Optimization, so that the press release can obtain a stable top ranking in the search engine, so as to achieve effective promotion and bring in the behavior of interested customers! For the optimization of the press release, it is mainly from the title keyword setting, content keyword density, release channel, hyperlink setting etc. to start.
The above information comes from the basic practices described in Baidu Encyclopedia. For more information on PR search engines, see: BOO SEO Solutions.

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