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How to delete a black cat complaint?How to deal with black cats complaining about public opinion?

For the complaints of black cats, the bosses of many companies are very headache, because the platform has regulations that cannot be revoked or deleted, so how should we solve it?

Black cat complaint does not support deletion

  • Complaints that have already been posted cannot be deleted and withdrawn;
  • Unable to cancel the account, Black Cat provides registration service, but does not provide account cancellation service.

Can try to remove the case of black cat complaints

Under normal circumstances, it cannot be deleted, unless the complaint contains prohibited words and uncivilized usage, such as overlord clauses, fraud, fraud, liars, etc. When encountering such information, you can directly send an email to Sina, or directly ask the company's The Ministry of Justice collects evidence to sue Sina Black Cat. Consumers and businesses must also protect their legitimate rights and interests with the law!

How to handle black cat complaints

The first is the objective protection of consumers’ rights

This situation is a normal complaint, and brands/enterprises/shops can only be justified. It is our very common method of press releases. This method generally requires a large amount of press releases, and takes a long time to cost and take effect; Details can be viewed米国生活Brand BOO SEO Solutions

Second, consumer rights protection information violates relevant regulations

It is to process the link breaking application. If the link is successfully broken, the black cat complaint about the company will not be searched on the browser; the application breaking link template:Request to remove or unlink infringing web content template

The third one is excessive consumer protection

If the content of the complaint is indeed false or maliciously abusive, you can contact the Black Cat official for feedback. If the circumstances are serious, you can consider sending a lawyer's letter to protect your legitimate rights and interests through legal channels!

Attached "Black Cat Complaint Platform User Agreement"

Before posting a complaint, please read the following content carefully, and clicking "Agree" is deemed to accept the following terms.The platform will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility:

about us:

The Black Cat Complaint Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") is a consumer service platform under Sina, which aims to establish a rational communication platform for consumers and merchants without interfering with the results of communication between the two parties.Through the platform, consumers can feedback various problems encountered in the consumption process at any time.Relying on the platform's massive enterprise library and highly influential experts in various fields, consumers can get quick feedback and professional guidance on their demands.

When you post a complaint, please be careful not to violate the following rules:

1. In order to establish a fair and healthy complaint environment, please publish the content of the complaint according to the law and truthfully, and do not fill in false complaint information.Do not fabricate facts, frame or slander others, or reveal others' privacy.

2. Complaints that have been published cannot be deleted or withdrawn.The complainant shall not use "deletion or withdrawal of the complaint" as a condition to require the respondent to resolve the complaint.The respondent shall not resolve the complaint of the complainant on the premise of "deleting or withdrawing the complaint".Once similar behaviors are found, the platform will deal with both parties seriously.

3. All Internet users shall not copy, publish or disseminate information containing the following content: endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity; inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity; advocating cults and feudal superstitions ; Spread rumors, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability; spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigate crime; other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

If you violate the above regulations, the platform has the right to impose penalties. In serious cases, the platform will publicly expose the relevant identity information of the complainant.

In order to complete your complaint better, please read the following carefully:

1. The platform builds a bridge of communication between the complainant and the respondent, and does not interfere with the results of the communication between the two parties.The platform will actively work with all parties to better solve the problem, but as a non-competent department, it cannot promise to solve the consumer complaints.

2. In order to avoid revealing personal privacy information, please do not fill in personal information in the publicly released content, please fill in the contact information, bank card number, ID card, etc. in the privacy content area.To prevent scammers pretending to be your identity to deceive you.

(Agreeing to this agreement is deemed to know and agree: if the relevant losses are caused by the user's own disclosure of private information, the user shall be responsible for it.)

3. Please fill in the real contact information.It is convenient for the respondent to get in touch with you in a timely manner, and the platform informs you of the progress of the complaint in a timely manner.

4. When filling in the complaint information, please pay attention to strict wording and do not fill in uncivilized language.Poorly worded platforms may not pass moderation.

5. In order to facilitate the respondent's response, please provide the accurate name of the respondent (the respondent has a Weibo account, please provide an accurate Weibo account), address, order number, account number and other information necessary for the complaint.

6. When issuing a complaint, it is recommended to submit pictures, audio and video from legal sources as the most critical evidence for the complaint.

7. Please do not post repeatedly.For follow-up related information, please click "Supplementary Complaint" to fill in text, pictures or video content.

8. In order to more efficiently resolve complaints and enhance consumers' awareness of rights protection, submitting a complaint is deemed to authorize the platform to use the content of the complaint (the scope of use includes but is not limited to the platform and its partners' official Weibo, WeChat, videos, posters, press releases, etc. ).

After your complaint has been reviewed, you can use several useful features on the complaint page.At the same time, you can also promote the resolution of complaints by yourself through the following channels:

1. Invite family and friends to support.Invite your friends to log in to the platform to like your complaint, so that the complaint enters the "Hottest Complaint" information flow.

2. Forward and share.You can share your own or other users' complaints on Weibo, WeChat and other platforms.

3. Score the complaint handling results.You can rate the business and confirm completion on the complaint thread.

4. Supplementary information at any time.Complaints that have passed the review can publish "supplementary complaints" under the complaint post at any time to improve the complaint information and synchronize the progress of communication with merchants.

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