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What are the core points of the brand network marketing plan?

Internet Brand Marketing Promotion: Corporate BrandingInternet marketingWhat are the core points of the plan?Network marketing is to design and plan the promotion of enterprise products, services and creative price channels according to the marketing goals of the enterprise to meet the needs and desires of consumers, so as to realize the exchange process between individuals and organizations.

Marketing planning is to change the status quo of the enterprise and complete the marketing goals. With the help of scientific methods and innovative thinking, based on the existing marketing situation of the enterprise, it makes strategic decisions and guidance for the future marketing development of the enterprise, with a forward-looking overall innovation. systemic.

Brand marketing is to use consumers' demand for products, and then use the product's quality culture and unique publicity to create a brand's value recognition in the hearts of users, and finally form the marketing strategy and process of brand benefits, then, brand network marketing promotion plan What are the core points (SEO optimization: about the benefits of website TAG tags...)?

brand concept

It tells the origin and history of the corporate brand, and provides consumers with an understanding of the connotation of the product. The product design, packaging and related publicity are all based on the concept of the brand. For example, the establishment of the brand concept for a sports and leisure clothing It can be defined as the contrast between strength and beauty by telling a story, so that the design of the product is carried out to reflect the beauty of strength and the vitality of young people (enterprise SEOer attention: it is more important to follow the boss than blindly), and the packaging of the product is also carried out. It will become more avant-garde or fashionable, and the promotion will also use young idols or sports to reflect.

After the preparatory work for the current period is determined, the next step is to determine the strategies and methods. The strategies include: brand personality, brand communication, brand sales, brand management, etc. The specific methods include creating a vivid visual image, humanized brand story, and differentiated exclusive elements. Wait.

clear goal

First of all, what we do is to make high-quality and stable products or services, and at the same time inject vigorous vitality to make them sustainable.

This is the cornerstone of SEO brand marketing and the foundation of brand integrity. Then we must focus on the product and clarify the industry keywords and brand positioning of our target.

Identify target users

Combining with the offline industry environment, we start to analyze the competitors on the search engine, and find out who their target users are, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the strengths and weaknesses of our own products, we can learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and conduct research on target users. The main basis for accurate positioning and judgment is the actual needs of users.

Identify the characteristics of target users

As the saying goes: Know yourself, know your enemy, and be victorious in a hundred battles. Accurate positioning of target users is only the first step. You also need to have a certain understanding of them. This is what we need to know about the behavior and habits of target users, visitor attributes, geographical distribution, system environment, etc. The data is collated and analyzed to summarize the characteristics of the target users.

Identify platforms where user groups are concentrated

After understanding the characteristics of the target users, the next step is to find their "hiding places". Generally, after a long period of Internet access, the target user groups with the same needs are often concentrated on certain platforms. They provide convenient services for mutual understanding and learning, and finding such a platform is equivalent to finding a large number of accurate target user groups.

Brand image building

Brand image building and promotion is an important part of corporate marketing.Although there are various ways of brand promotion, in addition to product sales and "word-of-mouth" communication, they can be roughly summarized into two types: one is "direct sales" promotion; the other is "intermediary" promotion.

"Direct sales" promotion is to promote the brand face-to-face to special consumers on site through social activities that the company participates in or organizes.

"Intermediary" promotion mainly promotes brands to the society through media advertisements and column reviews and special reports.

Furthermore, the shape of the image.In the past, wholesale enterprises may rarely take the time to consider this issue, but as a brand management enterprise, it is different. At this time, enterprises should combine their own product positioning to create a unique set of brand images that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. CIS system.

In addition, daily sales and operation management are also time-consuming and labor-intensive, and must be improved.Of course, if you want to successfully develop a brand new brand and operate well, the above aspects alone are not enough, not only the good strength of the company, the correct development strategy, the decisive charm of the leader and so on.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in the operation of any clothing brand, no matter whether it develops a franchise chain in the future, it is necessary to open a direct-sale store first. The enterprise can only obtain various information that meets its own needs through the mature operation of the direct-sale store, such as store rental level, product , pricing, sales methods and cost control, etc., and continuously adjust the business strategy through data until the direct store is successful. At this moment, the company has a complete set of mature experience in brand management, and can also expand to a larger market space. Such as the development of direct chain, franchise chain, etc., the development and growth of the enterprise is just around the corner.

brand marketing strategy

For "brand" network marketing, the focus is on a core, a basic, and a breakthrough.

A core is to take multi-faceted customer relationship service management as the main system, establish a customer relationship service management system according to its own situation, in the process of marketing, collect and store the acquired customer information in the system, and use this as an opportunity to The affiliated customers carry out related value-added services and secondary marketing.

A basic network marketing is mainly based on improving the brand's network awareness and influence.

A breakthrough is to greatly increase the online sales of products with the help of online marketing methods and technologies under the circumstance that the current online sales of products are very small, and strive to fully distribute products on all online retail platforms.

In order to better provide customers with professional and personalized value-added services, you can consider developing and building this system by yourself.The initial simple version of the system can provide functions such as customer information collection, input, search and editing, and later based on basic customer information, an advanced version of the system can be developed to provide more value-added services.

Dry goods sharing: four steps to run a new website project) Show product highlights according to user characteristics

Normal brand marketing will inevitably have many competitors, especially popular industries or popular keywords. If you want to surpass competitors and successfully build brand marketing, it will be difficult without product highlights, but it is often difficult for most products to have highlights. You can use the previously integrated user characteristics to create highlights, and the specific methods vary depending on the target user.

Brand promotion on the Internet

Improve the content management method of Weibo blogs. Weibo mainly publishes brand activity content, and blogs mainly focus on industry knowledge and brand promotion copywriting, forming a fixed content publishing process and mode.

Build an official website.Whether a product has its own official website is a sign of whether the product is "regular" or "modern" in the customer's impression. At the same time, it has a brand-specific website, which is also convenient for brand promotion and sales based on this. You can also use the official website. As a customer portal, customer management is performed.

As far as possible, add brand and product information to related industry websites, regional life community websites, news media websites, and achieve comprehensive coverage of product information in network-related fields.

Carry out search engine marketing, use professional technical means (no need to pay advertising fees), and put the official website on the top of the search engine search results on relevant industry keywords, such as when searching for brand industry words on the Baidu search engine , If the official website can be ranked in the forefront, such as the popularity will be greatly improved, and attract the attention of many dealers.

Press release marketing, through professional writers regularly write product promotion soft paper, and then publish the soft paper to many online media at a low publishing cost, usually writing and publishing a soft paper is about 200-1000 yuan, but as long as a soft paper can be published in If it is published on a portal media website, it can be reprinted by many media, and the exposure rate of the brand will be greatly improved.

Event marketing, creating topics through some special events, and hype and publicity through relevant cooperative media.

Use WeChat QQ and other online chat tools to push product activity information to target customers in batches.

Carry out the plan

If the plan is not implemented, it is only a plan after all, but implementation is not enough. What needs to be done is to overcome all difficulties and implement the plan to the end. If there is no effort, there will be no return. Brand marketing is a long, boring and difficult process, but Once successful, the rewards are considerable.

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