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The principles and ideas of brand marketing planning

Tao gives birth to one, one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, and three gives birth to all things! 

The top layer is the foundation!In addition to people, the foundation of an enterprise,

The first product: in today's market with generally homogeneous competition, the strategy of explosive products is the best solution;

The second model: the business model is not complicated, not flattering novelty, application is the kingly way, seek changes across borders, and strive for victory in stability;

The third culture: the culture is not correct, the people are unstable, the foundation is one, and there is no future.

Two knives in marketing planning, cut to the chase! 

When formulating a marketing strategy, every shot must be two quick knives online and offline.

The knife on the line, one slashes towards the infrastructure, and the second slashes towards the spread;

Offline knives, one slash to creativity, two slashes to channels.

Double knives are intertwined, [content] clears the way, [experience] breaks defenses, and attracts customers, such as in a pocket


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