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Six strategies to improve brand marketing effectiveness

Brand marketing is the whole process of generating customers' awareness of the company's brand and products based on sales and marketing. It is the core concept of high-quality marketing that enterprises must build to continuously obtain and maintain their core competitiveness.

The highest level of marketing is not to create a huge marketing Internet, but to use brand symbols to spread the invisible marketing Internet into the hearts of the masses and spread the goods to the hearts of customers.Make customers recognize this product when they choose to consume, and investors recognize this enterprise when they choose to cooperate, which means brand marketing.

XNUMX. Create category brands

In the development of contemporary society with fierce market competition, if you want to occupy market share, create brand use value, and make economic profits, an immediate and best way is to create a new category. Another way is to make your own brand the first in the category, because most customers always remember the first brand in a manufacturing industry or category, while targeting the second, The third brand, the customer has always remembered more vaguely.

XNUMX. Occupied brand area

There are some brands that continue to develop brand marketing from their regions. There are two advantages to doing so:

First, create emotional connections with everyone where the brand is located.People generally have a deep emotional connection and a sense of regional honor to the areas where they live, so they usually tend to choose local brands when they consume.

Second, the brand radiation source attracts customers from other regions.Deeply excavating regional culture and making brands into regional characteristics can generate regional advantages, attract customers from outside the region, and generate brand utility.For example, when it comes to pure grain wine, do you think of Maotai Group first? According to the brand, it "occupies" Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, so as to carry out the brand radiation source.

XNUMX. Design scheme brand Slogan

"An idea tends to spread, not because it's right, but because it's interesting."The same is true of brand marketing. If you want to spread quickly, an interesting communication slogan will get twice the result with half the effort.

The slogan of Wei Nv Fang is too familiar to everyone: "L'Oreal Paris, you can't find it."Wei Nufang selects the most stylish big-name celebrities as brand spokespersons in the global field, and creates products based on the beautiful stories of the brand spokespersons, creating a luxury, high-end and international brand image of Wei Nufang.The communication has also achieved good results, and even some netizens have changed their personal signatures to "Brother is like L'Oreal Paris, you can't find it."

To make their brand and slogan popular, people have to work hard on the slogan and make it more and more interesting.

Fourth, generate brand symbols

Everyone's understanding of a brand will eventually be summarized into a simple symbol, which is the brand identity.The essence of business is the brand, and the essence of the brand is the symbol.

For example, when people see a big "M", they think of KFC McDonald's, when they see four rings, they think of Audi cars, and when they see "bittened iPhone", they think of iPhone.Customers receive too much information every day. To make customers remember your brand, it means to design a simple and distinctive "symbol" for your brand. A symbol is deeply imprinted in the memory of customers.

Branding is a very simple and immediate method of communication.The greater contribution of brand symbolization means that it can help customers simplify their identification of brands, which is the most cost-effective way for enterprises to save communication costs.For an enterprise, the energy of the symbol can better highlight the brand.Based on a variety of visual, sound, and verbal symbols, we have carried out spiritual communication with customers and contributed to this outstanding brand.

Five, the design plan brand story

The essence of the brand story is part of the basic construction of the brand. In the marketing stage, the brand story can be a kind of story marketing; in the communication stage, some brand stories can also be a story in the whole process of actual operation. Promotions.Brand short stories can touch customers and promote customers to spread the company's brand based on "short stories".So, how to design a brand story?

First, we must understand the diversity of brand culture and art.Because which brand stories are designed are determined by the brand's core concepts and brand values, just like Haier refrigerators.

Second, it is necessary to scientifically research commodities, and to figure out which little stories to tell can meet or show the core concept of commodities, such as Nongfu Spring, which highlights the characteristics of mineral water.

Third, to study the audience of the program, which small stories can stimulate their mutual memory or mutual complex, such as the hammer mobile phone.

After figuring out the left and right three points, in the end, it can be regarded as artistic creativity.It is best to use precise and accurate, extraordinary artistic creativity to watch the heart, stimulate the communication.

XNUMX. Content brand spirit

Brand spirit is the key component of brand culture and art. Brand spirit refers to the total number of comprehensive cultural and artistic elements such as the actual meaning, representation, individuation, emotion and taste of the brand in the cognitive ability of customers. .This is the work confidence, values ​​or operational service tenet of a brand or brand leader that is gradually perfected in long-term manufacturing and operations.

In the development of the contemporary society with rational consumption, the style of the extraordinary brand depends on its solidification of the core concepts, feelings, representations and other cultural heritage.For example, the Coca-Cola Company can prevail all over the world. They feel that because "people are not selling goods, they are selling a culture and art, and an American spirit."The brand spirit takes into account the needs of customers' feelings and psychological states, and becomes an important factor in market competition.

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