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What is the so-called brand marketing?

When it comes to brand marketing, many people intuitively feel that it is brand + marketing, first branding, and then marketing or sales.In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In essence, brand marketing is corporate strategic marketing with brand as the core. It is not divided into two parts: branding and marketing.BrandsCreated for the leading marketing system.

What brand marketing needs to do is to make short-term sales more sustainable, increase consumers' favor and experience, and formBrand Equity.Increase consumer trust and reduce consumer reliance on price, to enhance the right to speak and control the channel, brand marketing is to make the product sell well, sell for a long time, and sell at a high price.

So after understanding the meaning and purpose of brand marketing, what should brand marketing do?

Determine brand strategy

Determine the brand strategy, marketing will not go into a dead end.

Whether it is an enterprise or a brand, its development must have a direction, and the determined direction can move toward the goal, otherwise, even if it is running hard, it will only become a purposeless spin.

Overall planning of the brand

If the brand is regarded as a tree, its trunk, branches and roots are a whole.When the root system is developed and the trunk is unblocked, a large amount of nutrients can be absorbed and transmitted to the branches and leaves.If you only focus on one aspect and do not start from the whole, it will not be long-term.

Guide product development

Product development under brand strategy.

The so-called "selling dog meat" is the brand strategy of product development. To avoid this kind of separation, we must always keep in mind the brand strategy. The effect of developing products around the brand strategy will be like a "snowball", which will grow bigger and bigger.

Channel development and standardization process

If the company has no rules and wants to do what it says and what to do, then employees will be very at a loss. This variability also makes it very passive when facing customers. It is necessary to plan ahead and establish a relatively mature standardization system in line with its own development.


As the saying goes, "The fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys", but the society is becoming more and more complex, and there are more and more homogeneous brands. If it is not spread, consumers will be attracted by other factors, resulting in loss.

Team development, change thinking and concept, strengthen execution

In an enterprise, if everyone concentrates on their own work and contributes, but it is indeed scattered, if the enterprise is regarded as a large team, each member communicates with each other and works together, then the results will be far greater than the sum of individual contributions.

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