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The Way of Branding - Don't Be a Hated Marketer

Consumers are ever-changing, but marketers are unique as individuals. Don’t be a hated marketer.

1. Don't rush to make a deal

When consumers buy things, they like to do it in a comfortable environment and a relaxed mood, but many marketers will continue to verbally bombard consumers in order to facilitate transactions as soon as possible.
Frying, physical contact and introducing the benefits of the product are so worth buying, not buying it is like losing XNUMX million, and forcibly shortening the distance with consumers as a "come here".This does not give consumers
A chance to breathe, even people who were originally interested in this product will be stunned by this indiscriminate bombardment.
The best thing is to see the rhythm of consumers first, synchronize with consumers, and create a comfortable atmosphere for consumers, so as not to cause resentment and rejection.

2. Don’t let yourself be the center

In many cases, marketers will start to introduce products at the very beginning, eloquently, exporting into chapters, and saying everything they want customers to know, but consumers are not the same.
I will listen to it, because what marketers want consumers to know is not necessarily what consumers want to know. What do consumers care about?What do you want to know?try to answer consumption
When there is a problem with the audience, the product information that you want to convey will be integrated into the product, and the effect will be better.Let consumers feel that they are the center, let consumers know more about the product, and feel that they are consuming
Free products, not being marketed.

3. Advertising and harassment are tireless

In this era of popular Internet, marketers have also come up with a more cost-effective and faster means of communication: WeChat.Scan the code and add WeChat, and then madly advertise in the circle of friends, every morning, noon, and
"harassing" consumers at any time of the day, on the one hand, this kind of professionalism is worthy of recognition, on the other hand, this overwhelming advertising and harassment brings consumers, not buying
The impulse to buy, but the impulse to block you.Properly carry out advertising and promotion, appear when consumers need it, and make yourself the first one that consumers think of when they have consumer demand, not
The first thing that came to my mind when cleaning up WeChat friends.

Marketing is a very technical industry, taking into account factors such as psychology, eloquence and personality, improve yourself and make yourself an honest, professional, easy to get along with, and worthwhile person.
Manage the brand, do a good job in the market and be a trusted marketer, and be careful not to become a hated marketer in sales behavior.

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