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Tips for writing marketing copywriting

Marketing PlanningThe copywriting is a headache for many marketers, so today we will briefly analyze what needs to be paid attention to when writing:

the problem is the essence

No matter what type or scale of marketing planning, it is nothing more than a process of raising and solving problems. So, no matter what kind of problem is solved, the most important thing is to grasp the essence of the problem.Do you want to increase the luminosity?Or to improve the reputation of the product?Or to solve the squeeze inventory.Therefore, when writing again, you must first see the essence of the problem, and then analyze the reasons for the existence of the problem. Finally, it is logical to find a solution to the problem.

Analysis is the core

The essence is found, but a framework is established, and the process of analyzing problems is the core of writing. If you only ask questions and then give answers, ignoring the process of analysis will often make people confused.Analysis not only plays the role of carrying on from top to bottom, but its more important role is to promote the copywriting. If the essence is compared to the skeleton of a human body, then analysis can be said to be the human heart, the thing that makes the article come alive.

Logic is flesh and blood

How can an article without logic make people read it?The foreword does not match the afterword, there are countless sick sentences, and the wrong words are linked together. It is no wonder that others think that your Chinese is taught by a physical education teacher.There is usually no logic in the kind of "reference" and "pseudo-original" copywriting. In fact, this type of copywriting can be said to be the "author"'s disrespect to the reader. Is it really necessary to read such copywriting? ?

opinion is soul

There is a saying that "the grass falls on both sides of the wall", which describes some people who are indecisive and have no opinion. If a copy does not have the author's own point of view, then the whole article is actually nonsense.For example, if a business wants to sell juice without additives, and the copy says that it is healthy without additives, but it also says that it is not good to drink without additives, what's the point of writing such a copy?

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