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Network promotion, short video walk

How many people live by watching short videos when they can't go out?
Affected by the raging virus, how many people really spent the Spring Festival at home without even going out.I still remember that a few Lunar New Year movies a few years ago staged a big show to compete for the Spring Festival box office, but all of them were empty.Not to mention the withdrawal, when it will be released has become a mystery, and the reality is often more twisted and bizarre than the movie.
After that, a movie was broadcast directly on Douyin for free, and the audience was mixed, but fortunately it brought some traffic.In this internet age, everyone can't do without their mobile phones. If they were normal, they would be busy with other things, but during this time, everyone would feel suffocated when they were stuck at home, so some people began to count the peels of melon seeds and fish in the fish tank. , playing hoops with a wine bottle... The Internet has given people stuck at home another way of connecting, and short videos have also allowed people to see how people thousands of miles away entertain themselves at home.
Now that we talk about short videos, I have to say that now who doesn't know about Douyin and Kuaishou... Even if they haven't used them, they've all heard of them. For companies that need to do online promotion, this is a good method. .So how to put it on short videos, and what are the skills?
1, to meet the characteristics of the platform
Different platforms have different characteristics, and the characteristics are related to the user group. If the users of a platform are mostly young women, then it is more suitable for fashion and beauty.Therefore, you must first know your own positioning, and then find the characteristics of the platform, in order to achieve precise delivery and precise marketing.
2. To understand the rules of the platform
The platform has its own rules, so the content must be produced in accordance with the rules of the platform, so that it is not easy to step on the thunder, and it will also get more traffic from the platform.
3. To expand the channels of promotion
"Don't put your eggs in one basket".After choosing a good platform, operating it, and gaining a large number of users, one thing to pay attention to is to expand the promotion channels.Don't rely on just this one platform.Because if one day accidentally steps on thunder, or is maliciously reported by a competitor and gets banned, it will not lose the users who have worked so hard to accumulate.Multi-platform not only avoids this "unfortunate" occurrence, but also increases exposure on the original basis.

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