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The "right choice" is not necessarily right, how marketing does it

Today, let’s share a story. Once upon a time, there was a little white rabbit and a little gray rabbit. They helped an old goat. The old goat gave them cabbage to thank them. The little gray rabbit happily accepted the old goat’s cabbage. Go back to eat, and the little white rabbit didn't ask for cabbage, but the seeds of cabbage, so that he can grow cabbage by himself.Later, the little gray rabbit finished eating the cabbage and went to the old goat to ask for it, but what about the little white rabbit?This ending may be different from what you have heard before: the little white rabbit "starved to death" before the cabbage seeds germinate.
In fact, choice is a very important thing, and some "right choices" may not be suitable for everyone.Marketing is just that.Products have their own characteristics and different user groups. If you choose the one that is not suitable for you, it is useless to spend more money.
XNUMX. Choose according to the attributes of the channel
Each channel has its own attributes. Because of their different attributes, the carriers of information dissemination are different. Some traditional marketing methods focus on text communication, and some are pictures, while the current network marketing communication focuses more on video and communication. sound.When the carrier is the same, different effects will be entangled due to different immersion capabilities. For example, in terms of text, the immersion ability of newspapers is higher than that of small advertisements issued outdoors, and the immersion ability of video content of short videos is higher than that of TV. 's video.
XNUMX. Choose according to the users of the channel
Users are the foundation for the establishment of channels. If a channel does not have its own users, it will eventually die out.Therefore, looking at the user group of the channel itself is also very important for choosing a marketing channel. If the target users of your product are the users of the selected channel, it will be very easy to be accepted.
XNUMX. Choose according to user awareness
Poor reputation and few users are the same truth, but sometimes, product exposure is more important than reputation, especially when companies are building brands.A wide range of awareness brings more traffic than a small range of reputation.
XNUMX. Choose according to the way of sharing
Communication through channels is the first step, and the next step is to communicate through the power of users. Users' forwarding, sharing, and recommendation are all important parts of marketing activities, especially in Internet marketing.User communication is often more persuasive than channel communication.
XNUMX. Supplier selection
Some suppliers may look tall, but they can only do one job. For example, a company that is not a marketing company makes an SEO website. Their SEO is basically difficult to achieve, but in simple terms, it seems to have both. SEO function, SEO is a deep-seated industry, and it is impossible for a layman to really determine whether it is good or bad, true or false, especially when your needs involve a wider range of knowledge.Therefore, choosing a supplier should choose a better corporate culture, entrepreneurial spirit, such as米国生活It is a company created with integrity and has been rated for three consecutive years. This data is hard-won.

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