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How to save a declining brand under the epidemic

The sudden epidemic has hit the whole of China hard, and it has had an inevitable impact on the development of everyone, every enterprise, and even the entire society.Extended holidays, delayed resumption of work, and personnel isolation have disrupted the plans and rhythms made by each company at the beginning of the year. For the company's brand, the decline is even more avoidable.
However, in order to survive, companies have to save themselves. The most important thing for self-help is to save the brand, and how to save the brand?
1. Precise brand marketing
In such a market, tightening budgets, increasing income and reducing expenditure are essential actions, and in terms of brand promotion, how to reduce the budget and reduce the effect is what companies need to think about. The method of "casting a wide net and catching more fish" is not advisable at present. What brand marketing needs to do is to be precise and target customers for marketing, which also involves the selection of marketing channels. According to different product characteristics, Choose different marketing channels to make the promotion more accurate.
2. Brand optimization keeps pace
Some people may think that under the current situation, brand optimization can be stopped for a while?Don't do this!If only you stop and others are still running in small steps, the distance will become larger and larger.Moreover, brand optimization is a long-term and continuous work. Your stagnation is not standing still, but stepping back!Stagnation does not mean recuperation, but means that all previous efforts are in vain.
3. Brand promotion breaks the framework
There is nothing wrong with proceeding in accordance with the content of previous work, steadily and steadily.However, traditional offline teaching has become online teaching, working from home has replaced the commuting mode, and almost all dine-in meals have been closed and replaced with takeaways. So can brand promotion also break the framework and innovate?
4. Brand outsourcing to technical team
There are still a lot of wrong practices in the market, that is, outsourcing to middlemen, and then the middlemen are outsourced to executives. In fact, the executives in the WeChat group are all outsourced personnel. We recognize the status of the middlemen and see In fact, your project can be better, but there is no way, the money is not enough.
We believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and we might as well let the brand out of the haze first.

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