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Brand marketing, multi-channel ≠ "abusive" channel

As we all know, if an enterprise wants to develop and grow continuously in the future, it is bound to be inseparable from the premium ability brought by the enterprise's brand and the help of promoting sales.For this reason, a series of brand building work carried out by the enterprise not only includes the brand optimization and promotion around the brand itself, but also the management and operation of products, the optimization of existing business models, and the optimization of existing business models. The creation of the company's own culture.
Precise positioning of the brand is the major premise of brand building, which needless to say; brand strategy is the development direction of brand building and enterprise growth, which is well understood by everyone, and today, I would like to focus on the possible A problem that has not been paid much attention or even ignored. This problem seems small, but it is an important problem that is directly related to the results of the previous work and can affect the conversion rate - this is the problem of brand marketing channels.
Doing brand building is nothing more than letting more people know about the brand. If there is no channel support, how can it be spread?Now, although there are many communication channels to choose from, such as traditional channels TV, newspapers, display screens, etc., as well as the more popular streaming media platforms, short video platforms and so on.But companies that don't understand brand marketing can easily fall into the hurdle of choice in this dazzling market.They don't know which channel is right for them, and they don't know which channel is better for them.As a result, many companies are unable to start, and finally choose a multi-channel communication method.Multi-channel communication also has advantages, it can increase exposure and cover a wide range of people, but if you choose a channel that is not suitable for you, or the users of the selected channel are not the target customers of your product at all, so many channels will become "abusive" channels , it will cause the brand marketing to present a situation of unfocused, unable to maximize the spread, which will directly affect the later sales effect.
During this epidemic, enterprises should start to make some long-term plans for brand building, rethink how to carry out brand building this year, and think about whether the plans made a year ago are still in line with the current form.

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