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Virus spread leads to thinking about network marketing communication

Please don't panic, and don't get me wrong, this article is not about the "coronavirus" that people hate, but the "viral spread" that companies want their products to get.
Viral communication, also known as "psychological virus", is a way of spreading through people, not through public media or other mainstream news media.The following will introduce several ways of "viral communication", which can be used for reference when enterprises conduct brand marketing:

innate transmission characteristics

The most primitive way: word of mouth.
If your product is good enough, your existing customers will naturally become "evangelists" of your product.At the beginning, the effect may not be obvious, but after a period of time, explosive growth can occur.

Synergy spread

This kind of communication means that although a product is valuable to a single user, the more users he recommends using the product, the more value the product will generate to him, but please also pay attention Don't fall into the "MLM trap".

communication effect spread

This situation generally occurs in communication tools.For example, e-mail, imagine if when you send and receive e-mail "米国生活"These words appear frequently, will you remember this name over time?

Incentive effect spread

This method is the most widely used in many online shopping platforms. For example, if you buy something on this platform, a web page will pop up saying that there is a surprise for forwarding, or you can receive a cash red envelope after sending it to a few friends. And in order to get this kind of "incentive", you will unconsciously become a member of this product dissemination.

Implantable Transmission

This is more suitable for content websites, especially those with articles and videos as the main content.The creators implant information in these contents, so that no matter how the contents are spread, the creator's information will be seen by users along with the contents.

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