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We media, new media, and financial media are stupidly unclear

No matter your age, occupation, or hobbies, you will always hear these words more or less when watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers and magazines, or browsing the web: "self-media", "new media", "Fusion Media".But what do these all mean?Do you feel a sense of stupidity?So today, let's introduce these three "little partners" and what effect they can have in brand promotion.


We-media can be defined by “self”, that is, autonomous and private “personal media”, or it can become “citizen media”, through the current electronic means, from one to a specific one or an unspecified one of multiple delivery information.In the early days, blogs, Baidu Tieba, WeChat, and Weibo were all part of self-media platforms, and small videos such as “Tik Tok” and “Kuishou”, which are now more popular, also belong to self-media.Its advantage is that it can spread information quickly and on a large scale just like "virus spread".Enterprises use self-media to promote their brands, which can achieve good word-of-mouth communication effects (provided that your product must be a good product), effectively boosting the company's brand value.

new media

New media is different from traditional media, such as: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc., a new form of media developed with the support of emerging technologies, also known as "fifth media".Common examples are: digital newspapers, mobile text messages, mobile TV, mobile network and so on.New media is a concept based on traditional media, which uses digital media technology to add and update the interpretation of information dissemination. Therefore, it can be said that it originates from traditional media and is higher than traditional media. It is an extension of it. There will be more extensive development in the future.For enterprises, giving up new media communication means giving up the opportunity to disseminate information to the masses.


"Converged media" is to make full use of the media carrier to integrate different media such as radio, television, and newspapers that have both commonalities and complementarities, and comprehensively integrate human resources, content, publicity and other aspects to achieve "resource integration". It is a new form of media that integrates content, publicity, and interests”.The innovation of the concept of fusion media makes people's understanding of media no longer narrow, and the industry chain of traditional media has also been updated. It has one unit, one voice, and one price, which is like turning radio, television, and the Internet into one at the same time. project to serve.For enterprises, the integration of the three forms, although the price is higher than any single price, is far lower than the sum of the prices of the three forms at the same time, and it is also a very cost-effective form.

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