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Difference between SEM and SEO concepts

Many people know about SEM and SEO.But what are SEM and SEO?What is the difference and connection?Most of the people may be puzzled by the second monk.Next, let us analyze the nature and difference between the two.
SEM, Chinese name: Search Engine Marketing.It is to take advantage of the opportunity of users to retrieve information according to the way users use search engines to deliver marketing information to target users as much as possible.To put it simply, search engine marketing is network marketing based on search engine platforms, which utilizes people's dependence on search engines and usage habits to deliver information to target users when people retrieve information.The basic idea of ​​search engine marketing is to allow users to discover information and click to enter web pages to learn more about the information they need.Enterprises pay for promotion through search engines, so that users can directly communicate with the company's customer service, understand, and achieve transactions.
SEO, Chinese name: Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization).On the basis of understanding the natural ranking mechanism of search engines, the internal and external adjustment and optimization of the website are carried out to improve the natural ranking of keywords in the search engine and obtain more traffic, so as to achieve the expected goals of website sales and brand building.
By nature, SEM is broader in scope and includes both bidding and SEO.And SEO is one of the means of SEM.Many people who have studied SEM or SEO have actually learned only scratches in training institutions.If you really want to reach a certain level, you need to use practice to improve.From a specific aspect, the basic personnel of SEM bidding management, as long as they can use the bidding system of each search engine, it is enough, but if you want to do better, you must have SEO thinking.Therefore, if a person who knows SEO does bidding management, many things can be done with half the effort.

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