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How to improve website speed when doing Google optimization for international business?

The international economic environment under the epidemic has drawn much attention from one country in China to helping the world tide over the difficulties.The economic environment is also, the integration of China and the world will be further developed.It may not be Huawei itself who opens the door for Huawei to other countries, it may be our nurses.And our nurses not only enhance China's prestige, but also add a ring to all China's exports, making the world's factories more attractive.

accessible network environment

For export, what we want is not only the website page, but also the speed. If the other party can't open it, can you say that you have a website?
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Do you think this speed will wait for visitors?Will there be an exchange?

Deepening the development of the global village

Under the epidemic, more than 150 people have been affected by the epidemic, and the world economy has inevitably entered the next round of depression. The depression in the world will make people more likely to find ways of income, bringing Are you ready for wider international cooperation?Foreign language website, Google SEO team.

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