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Where do SMEs and start-ups start with online promotion?

"Network promotion" is a word that is gradually familiar to people. At the same time, it has gradually become a new promotion model that is favored by various enterprises, and is especially favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.There are naturally many reasons, but as long as I mention the key one, you will continue to read it, and that is "saving money"!
As a business, where do you start to do online promotion?I believe this is the first question many people will ask, so the following summarizes some promotion methods and directions for reference:

Building a website for internet marketing

In the Internet era, we link everything through the network. Without the network, our information exchange would be very long. Information exchange through the network, linking customers and suppliers, can greatly improve the speed of business transactions.Although there is too much information on the Internet now, and our competitiveness in finding customers through the Internet has increased, we still need a website for marketing promotion, otherwise we will lose the battlefield of the Internet.Get more traffic and conversions by optimizing your website for SEO promotion.

Effective use of Baidu Encyclopedia entries

If others like to know a company, the most direct and fast way is to search on a search engine. Take Baidu as an example, if others enter ""米国生活, and then in the entry that appears there is "米国生活-Baidu Encyclopedia", then people will increase their trust in the company.

Map Marketing

This is a foreign concept, mainly for location-based services and small shopkeepers who have little role in the Internet. If a person is looking for a flower shop, the flower shop may not have a website, and many people buy flowers offline. Baidu Maps and AutoNavi Maps, when people want to solve product or service needs nearby, they usually search on the map to directly form customer navigation.
Of course, in other application scenarios such as company interviews and business negotiations, if you can find your definite location immediately by searching on the map, rather than relying on you to provide a definite address to find it, then the goodwill towards the company will also increase.

corporate social media marketing

If a company has a self-media account, it is very convenient whether it is helping others understand your company or promoting its own company, brand, and products.WeChat public account, Weibo, or emerging short video websites, such as Douyin, are all good choices, but the key is to maintain it for a long time, and it is impossible to achieve popularity in three minutes.
For more marketing methods and marketing effects, you can refer to the brand marketing plan.

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