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Definition and difference between brand marketing and brand promotion

Branding and branding both work around a brand, but they are also different.
By definition:
Brand Marketing(Brandmarketing) is the process of enabling customers to form a cognitive process of corporate brand and products through marketing. It is a high-quality marketing concept that must be constructed in order to continuously gain and maintain a competitive advantage.The most advanced marketing is not to build a huge marketing network, but to use brand symbols to build an invisible marketing network into the hearts of the public and deliver products to consumers.Make consumers recognize this product when they choose to consume, and investors recognize this enterprise when they choose to cooperate.This is brand marketing.
Brand Promotion(Brand Promotion) refers to the image of an enterprise shaping itself, products and services.A series of activities that are widely recognized by consumers.The main purpose is to increase brand awareness.
Brand promotion is subordinate to brand marketing, and brand marketing also includes brand positioning, brand planning and other work, among which the specific work includes: commercial newspaper registration, trademark design, selection of promotion channels, and so on.Therefore, for an enterprise, it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive work that consumes a lot of money to do a good job in brand marketing. From the perspective of labor costs alone, the work of brand marketing cannot be done by one person, but A team is needed, so for companies that want to do brand marketing, outsourcing this work will save money and get better results than doing it yourself.
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