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A brainstorm on "brand building"

When it comes to brand building, there are two words that need to be taken out, one is "brand" and the other is "building".
When it comes to "brand", one can think of "brand name", "brand establishment", "brand promotion", "brand marketing" and so on...
Further subdivision, the content will be countless, this is brainstorming.
I think every business, especially one that is working on building a brand, has to do this kind of brainstorming inside the business before doing anything.On the one hand, we can brainstorm ideas, and more importantly, we can check and fill in the gaps.Brand building is a very broad meaning, and the work of brand building has a long way to go. Looking at the big brands that are now resounding in the world, which one is not established after a hundred years of precipitation?In the early stage of construction, it may not be possible to think of changes in ten or even five years, so laying a good foundation is the most important.
XNUMX. Clear positioning
Brand positioning includes brand naming, brand logo design, brand pricing, brand target customers, brand future development direction and many other aspects.Enterprises must consider the above aspects when building a brand, so early market research is absolutely indispensable.For example, if your brand is aimed at young women, but the name and design are more favored by middle-aged and older men, then this is not desirable.
XNUMX. Brand awareness
The brand's fame is not achieved overnight, but it is like "moisturizing things silently", and it comes to consumers' hearts subtly.Make a good impression on consumers, and it will be easier for people to remember.Therefore, it is very important to improve the service awareness and brand awareness of employees.Employees have feelings and high trust in the brand of their own company, and this emotion will be "infected" to the people around them. This way, even if the company does not spend a lot of money on publicity, it will have a strong publicity effect. .
XNUMX. Face up to the negative
A brand cannot please everyone, so if the whole world praises you for your goodness, this is something no brand can do. It is a good attitude to face up to the negative and to deal with it positively. If there is a problem, deal with it and correct it. , If it is a false message, come forward to clarify, speak with facts, and being a brand is the same as being a person.

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