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Internet Marketing, Content is King

"Internet marketing, content is king", in an era when everyone is shouting this slogan, how can we do it well? Many people are thinking about this question, but there is no standard answer, because everyone is touching Cross the river with stones.However, even though it is ever-changing, it remains the same. There are three kinds of thinking that everyone needs to get.
one.reverse thinking
Individuality is a very good thing, and it is possible to have it, but in the era of advocating individuality, the commonality cannot be ignored.On the Internet, there are not a few works that highlight the personality of the creators, which makes people dazzled. However, if we can focus on people's common way of life and find out the commonalities of people, or their feelings, people will have a feeling of "returning to nature", and Isn't it a good way of thinking?Reverse thinking does not mean to blindly cater to consumers, but to allow consumers to find their own shadow in you.
two.platform thinking
The platform of online marketing started to grow from the earliest Baidu Tieba and Sina Weibo, and now it has developed into all aspects, WeChat Moments, Douyin short video, only you can't think of it, and there is no Internet marketing can't reach it.On the one hand, the platform thinking is to allow marketing to spread independently on the Internet, and the other is to "don't put eggs in one basket", changing the idea of ​​"choosing a suitable platform" into "promoting suitable platforms according to the users of the platform". The way of communication”, so that the road can be wider and wider.
XNUMX. Moderate thinking
"Snow in the Spring" and "Liba People" are two extreme expressions, but now, we do not want to classify the crowd, but to gather, so adopting the "moderate" approach can better gather traffic, the so-called "elegant and popular" is this Reason, but which is "elegant" and "vulgar", but it is a matter of opinion. In the Internet age, the public is the main body of cultural consumption. Only by integrating different aesthetics can more people find resonance.

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