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How to make network marketing conversion "natural"?

everythingMarketingActivities are all for conversion, and only conversion can bring intuitive benefits to the enterprise.How to promote conversion?Then the study of consumer psychology has a great effect.

Consumer psychology herd effect

To give a few examples, if there is a basket of apples on the fruit stand, and many people are picking them, then I will unconsciously become one of them, even if there is a basket of apples that no one picks.Or when choosing a restaurant to eat, the more people queuing at the door, the better the business. Even if you would rather sit in line at the door than go to a store with no one next to you.These phenomena are herd effects.So this has also become one of the reasons why the phenomenon of swiping orders on the e-commerce platform has been repeatedly banned.If merchants can reasonably grasp the herd effect and create a buying atmosphere, the conversion will become very simple.

Free effect of consumer psychology

Use the gimmick of a free gift to entice consumers to make a purchase.For example, if you place an order now, the order amount only needs to be over 9.9 yuan, and you can get a box of eggs, yogurt or longan; the latest promotions, new users' first order is free, and invite friends to get another free opportunity; During the shelf life, buy one get one free promotion and so on.These marketing activities are all through the "free" influence, using the consumer's "love to take advantage of the small" psychology, to promote the conversion.In fact, in the eyes of consumers, they clearly know that it is a routine, but they are still willing to enter the pit (I will correct it, this editor's thinking has gone astray, how can it be called a pit? The products we sell are of high quality and low price, who doesn't want more Obtaining some value? We are consumers ourselves. As long as the product is good enough, we are never afraid that it is cheap enough, but branding is different. We need to provide more services when making a brand, so that consumers can think of the brand in advance when purchasing a product. , which is the effect and value of brand marketing).

avoidance effect

The avoidance effect refers to avoiding the situation that consumers worry about when they buy a product.For example, when buying a certain product, consumers will worry that it is not easy to use, then the merchant will say, don't worry, if you feel that it is not easy to use, we will give you a full refund and worry-free after-sales.In this case, it is to avoid the purchase risk in the minds of consumers, let consumers focus on the product, and make the conversion easier.Therefore, there is no reason to return the product within 7 days. It can be said that on the one hand, it protects some rights and interests of consumers, and at the same time, it invisibly promotes the conversion behavior of merchants.

decoy effect

The bait effect is when certain products act as bait, prompting consumers to pay more for the product.For example, it is common to add one dollar to get two pieces; the second half price, etc., all use the low price of the second piece as a bait to attract consumers to pay more. (I’m going to criticize the editor again. This trick is a bit crooked. How can it be called bait? This is called installment payment. Through small purchases, a preliminary customer relationship is formed.)

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