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How does a company build a brand?

Today's enterprises pay more and more attention to the value of the brand.But a brand is not a company or a product, but a perception of consumers.andBrand BuildingIt's the job of creating that perception for consumers.

Clarify the core values ​​of the brand

After a brand has core values, one or more product concepts can be derived.If the brand seen by consumers is an outline, then its content needs to be filled with products. When consumers connect with the product, the details of the brand will be portrayed, and then the overall picture of a brand will be formed.

Clarify the role of the brand

Brands can have one or more, but if there are multipleBrandsIt is necessary to distinguish the relationship before the brand.

main brand

It is the main brand promoted by the enterprise, which represents the main expectations of consumers from purchasing behavior, and the value of the main brand is the main core that affects purchasing decisions and experience.


Different from the main brand, it directly shows the characteristics and personality of the product.After the main brand has achieved a certain influence, it can quickly enter the market with lower marketing costs.

Pay attention to brand recognition

Consumers' impressions and opinions of a brand directly affect the realization of the brand's value.But consumers' perception of brands is multifaceted, so when building a brand, what matters is not just what information you let consumers get, but what you really prepare for consumers.Brand identity is the meticulous setting of a brand, including a full range of brand content such as products, companies, personalities, symbols, etc., and then summed up in consumers' impressions after dissemination.Brand, That is"What do consumers think of you", and when you unify the brand information you want to express, that is, "how do you expect consumers to see you" and "how consumers see you", it perfectly completes the work of brand recognition.
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