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Advantages of Internet Marketing Thinking over Traditional Marketing

The development of the Internet has also led to the expansion of the advantages of Internet marketing, so it has become more and more prominent that Internet marketing plays an increasingly important role in corporate marketing. Tend to choose Internet marketing instead of traditional marketing.The changes of the times have led to changes in people's way of thinking. Therefore, Internet thinking has gradually become the mainstream marketing way of thinking in the era. Therefore, everyone must have Internet thinking, and the same is true for enterprises. Only by clarifying the characteristics and advantages of Internet marketing thinking can we help enterprises to operate better.It is said that everyone must have Internet marketing thinking, so what specific advantages does Internet thinking have over traditional marketing thinking?
One of the strengths: finding focus
First of all, in the initial brand positioning of Internet marketing thinking, it is necessary to find the user's focus on the product, especially those needs that the user has not been met.The brand positioning of transmission marketing thinking is to find blank spots, but now, with so many homogeneous products, where are there blank spots?Instead of looking for "something that doesn't exist," look for "something that is noticed."
The second advantage: to create popular products
Internet marketing thinking in the design of products is to create popular products. The advantage of popular products is that the brand of the product can quickly penetrate into the hearts of the people and quickly establish a brand image.Traditional marketing thinking tends to create products that can solve the actual problems of users. Although this "moisturizing and silent" way of thinking is long-term, it is also easier to be replaced and eliminated. Nowadays, the huge amount of information is overwhelming and affects people. To accumulate user loyalty, it takes time to accumulate, but don't wait until you have "starved to death" before you accumulate it.
Advantage three: price advantage
Internet marketing thinking is very advantageous in the price of products, saving the cost of venue and manpower.However, the price of traditional marketing thinking contains various forms and factors, which are first affected. Of course, the price is not as "beautiful" as the price of Internet marketing.
Advantage XNUMX: Communication Channels
For products with Internet marketing thinking, their communication channels are carried out through "individual + network platforms", which have high flexibility and strong execution, and can also promote word-of-mouth communication of products.The product channel of traditional marketing thinking is the physical distribution channel. In order to attract traffic, promotions, discounts and other preferential methods are often used, which is too limited.

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