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Brand Marketing and Brand Symbols

Advanced marketing is not to build a huge marketing network, butUse brand symbols to build an invisible marketing network into the hearts of the public and deliver products to consumers.Make consumers recognize this product when they choose to consume, and investors recognize this enterprise when they choose to cooperate.This is brand marketing.
Brand marketing is the process of making customers form the cognitive process of corporate brand and products through marketing.Marketing is not only an organizational function, but also a series of processes for creating, disseminating and delivering customer value and managing customer relationships for the benefit of the organization itself and its stakeholders.Brand marketing is not independent. Brands can be achieved through traditional marketing and network marketing. The two complement each other and promote each other.
The world-renowned advertising master David Ogilvy once explained the brand in this way: "The brand is an intricate symbol, which is the intangible of the brand attributes, name, packaging, price, historical reputation, advertising methods. The sum. Brands are also defined by consumers’ impressions of their use, as well as their own experiences.”

  1. The traditional marketing of the brand

In marketing, the marketing mix framework has been developed from 4P, 4C to 4R, which reflects the changing trend of continuous in-depth integration of marketing theory under new conditions. 4P is the most critical combination factor in marketing, which requires companies to meet customer needs; 4C allows companies to forget about products and study customers' needs and desires; 4R allows companies to establish close contact with customers and improve customer loyalty.In the era of brand marketing, consumers' satisfaction with brands is an important part of enterprise development. When consumers are satisfied, they will maintain long-term loyalty to the brand. Once such loyalty is formed, it is difficult to accept other brands' products. .
If a brand enterprise wants to continuously gain and maintain a competitive advantage, it must build a high-quality marketing concept.For example, integrating the tools of marketing communication (advertising, public relations, promotion) can enhance the brand value; through market segmentation, the marketing level of the brand can be enhanced.The formation of a brand is not completed overnight, and the building of a brand can only be successful after a long period of time.

  2. Brand network marketing

Network marketing refers to the general term for enterprises to carry out various marketing activities based on electronic technology and using computer networks as media and means.The functions of network marketing include: website promotion, network branding, information release, online research, customer relations, customer service, sales channels, sales promotion, etc.
For traditional companies,Internet marketing generally starts with the establishment of a website,The brand image of a business is established before building a website.Intel President Grove once said: "After 5 years there will be no Internet companies, because all companies will be Internet companies."The Internet will change the way companies operate. Today, Fortune Global 500 companies have established their own website homepages, and nearly 90% of them use online recruitment methods. This shows that the Internet is not only used to introduce company profiles, send and receive messages E-mail has entered a deep-level application, and brand marketing is a major change in the way the Internet does business.For example, in an online store, it can provide convenient conditions for the company to expand its sales channels, and it can also increase the trust of customers on the e-commerce platform, and combine the corporate website with the online store to build a brand.
For network companies,The brand image of a company starts from the website, the website represents the brand of the enterprise to a certain extent.For example, Alibaba ( is a well-known brand of global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce. It is an e-commerce website with more than 800 million merchants. Anyone or enterprise can find buyers, build companies, and see business conditions here. , the exhibition.As the world's largest online trading market and business communication community, Alibaba brings together 220 professional buyers from 43 countries and regions, publishes more than 3000 buyer information every day, and enjoys the instant communication software Trade manger; it has professional foreign trade Operating the background management tool Supplier CRM is a never-ending online Canton Fair.
It should be pointed out that today, when e-commerce and network marketing have not been fully developed in the world, the Internet, as an emerging virtual market, is only a part of the world market, and many consumers cannot accept or use network communication methods; many developing Countries, especially the least developed countries, are still using traditional marketing channels in reality.Therefore, brand cultivation and brand marketing should seek development on the basis of tradition and network, and traditional marketing and network marketing should be gradually integrated in practice.

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